Sunday, January 26, 2014

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary journey

The first post is probably always the most difficult.  Where to start?  I've loved tea from when I was a child and, after seeing other blogs where people shared their love for tea (and teacups!), I thought it would be fun to join in. 

First, a bit about me.  I enjoy the beverage (of course, this is a tea blog), but I also enjoy taking the full blown "afternoon tea" at tearooms and other venues.  Collecting tea trios and other various tea paraphernalia so I can put on the best afternoon tea possible is a great deal of fun.  Like a scavenger hunt each time you step into a consignment store or antique store and look for a new find.   I also enjoy hosting tea parties--especially themed tea parties.

I see this blog as a place to post about all sorts of tea finds, and other tea related topics.  And this the start of our journey together with tea.


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  1. Hi. I went back to see your first post and I like what you wrote. I love the hunt for a new tea cup or tea themed item to enjoy and share with others. I have never been to a real Afternoon Tea; but hope to some day.


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