Sunday, August 13, 2017

Disney Princess Tea

Once Upon a Dream
In a Tale as Old as Time
Whole New World
opened up, because a dream,
is a wish your heart makes,
and now I'm Almost There
now that, at last, I've Seen the Light.

And you can join me, as I invite you to pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents-- a Disney Princess Tea!

It has definitely been a while since my last post!  I am way behind as you might guess, so lets go back to the end of June when I held a Disney Princess themed tea for some of my sister's friends!

First tea start with a glass of Peach Muscato while waiting for everyone to get there--you can see one at the opposite side of the table, left side--Katie (my sister) and the first guest had stepped outside to greet another guest and I decided to take pictures really quick because the lighting was so good with the front door open--I'll have to remember for the next time I take pictures.  Katie loves peach flavored things.

I really was extremely excited about this tea--each place setting had a menu and a favor specialized for each princess "guest."  The favors I put in little white boxes with silver ribbon and a sticker of the princess on each side.

I also served an item of each of the Princesses during the party:

Savories:  Ariel's shimp salad on a croissant, Rapunzel's cucumber flowers, and  Jasmine's hummus on pita bread.

I really loved these napkins, shown above with the Rapunzel place setting--I really wanted some that said Once upon a time, but didn't see any I could easily get online or in stores, and then two days before the party I saw these little beverage napkins at homegoods!  They even had gold accents to match my new small set of goldware.

The last savory was Tiana's chicken creole bites on the light green stand I got from the last teacup exchange around a frog prince in his top hat finery.  This place setting is Tiana's of course.

(Jasmine's place setting)

(Belle's place setting)

The scones were Belle's peach buttermilk scones.  I even put a bit of yellow sugar on top to give them a golden look.

And next for dessert:  Cinderella's pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, and Snow White's apple rose tarts.

(Cinderella's place setting with my Cinderella's castle music box)

And finally, Sleeping Beauty's cream puffs with vanilla pink and blue filling.

(Sleeping Beauty's place setting)

I served three teas at this party--Mulan's mystic dragon tea (a green tea with ; Elsa & Anna's chocolate tea (a black tea with chocolate and a hint of vanilla and whiskey); and Moana's pineapple blooming tea.

The favors were a Lip Smacker's lip gloss for each princess and a pink wrapped Godiva truffle.

Image result for princess lip smakers

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring 2017 Teacup Exchange Reveal!!!

I was so excited to get the email that it was time for the spring teacup exchange...and now it is time to tea party!  Sarah in St. Louis sent me such a wonderful box!  She put so much effort into everything.  Including the cute doily address label (slightly smudged for the internet)!

And here is my haul!  Sarah was so generous :).

Really, I had to run back in side and get a table cloth to make the pictures a little fancier.  The pictures are a bit dark because it was already dusk...but I couldn't wait to open everything!  One of my favorite colors is purple, so there was a purple theme to the whole box.

And the labels!  Every gift had a little tag that gave some clue as to the gift.  Each was based on one of my favorite things that I listed for the exchange!  Such a cool idea!

And of course, the teacup!  This is a light purple cup with violets by Colclough china, and is English bone china. 

In addition to TWO kinds of stirrers for tea, the next gift was...

 Cookies!  French macarons and biscuits,

Perfect with a cup of tea.

A purple doily.

A gold teaspoon,

A bookmark,

 A pale green glass cake stand "for [my] love of tea parties!"  (Did I mention I REALLY loved the tags?)

And the last box, "for your love of travel" a whole assortment of teas based on different  cities/countries!  So cool!

I have so many ideas for the blog based on this collection of teas!  I actually haven't brought myself to open it yet it's so cool looking!

Thanks so much Sarah!!!

And here is a sneak peak of the package I sent to Sharon at Tales from Twisty Lane.

Sharing at the reveal party on The Enchanting Rose.  Thanks so much to Stephanie for arranging this exchange, especially with matching up the hundreds of participants!!!  This is my third time participating and it has been so much fun! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Faith in Action Tablescapes

I was so excited to have the opportunity to go to a "tablescape" event this past weekend.  I've seen blogs cover similar events, but this is the first one that I've been to myself!  This was Faith in Action's 3rd annual event, and the proceeds go to support its charitable work, providing door-to-door transportation to residents in the Winchester, VA area who have no means to get to and from medical appointments and scheduled treatment.

There were 20 tablescapes, each with a different theme.

Table 1:  Blue Willow

Table 2:  Ricamo

Table 3:  Holiday Happening

 Table 4:  Grandmother's Cottage Chintz

Table 5:  Colonial Americana

(One of my favorite tables, with Liberty Blue!)

Table 6:  In the Garden

Table 7:  Class with Sass

Table 8:  Christmas at the Beach

Table 9:  Wizarding Feast

(Harry Potter!  This table was just magical :))

Table 10:  In the Garden of Chocolate Delights

Table 11:  Prelude to Christmas

Table 12:  Hail the Bunny Trail

Table 13:  Seaside

Table 14:  Sailing on the High Seas

Table 15:  Spring Fling

Table 16:  Great Blue

Table 17:  To Grandmother's House We Go

Finally, the three children's table:

Breakfast with Mickey

(There were even Mickey pancakes!)

Easter Bunny Brunch

Daffodils and Delft

There were even refreshments that were totally a tea party buffet!

There were even more teacups and pots on display!