Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tea Samplings--Part 1

This will be my first post giving a review of a tea--exciting!  Today I am reviewing a tea by one of my favorite blenders--Harney and Sons.  This particular tea is called Tropical Green and is a part of the Historic Royal Palaces collection. 

The tea is green tea with pineapple and comes in little sachets.  I really enjoy the teas from this collection for work or on the go because they are close to loose leaf quality, but are way more portable.  The sachets also leave a lot of room for the leaves to expand.

I'm not a huge green tea fan (I often think they taste a little grassy, but that is probably because I am always forgetting to take the kettle off before it starts boiling), but this tea is really quite nice.  The pineapple gives it a little sweetness, but the green tea taste is still paramount.
The tea is in an Elizabethan English bone china cup and saucer set.  There is a pagoda and little yellow flowers and trees in this green and yellow patterned cup.  I thought it was very appropriate to showcase the tropical green tea.

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