Monday, February 10, 2014

St. Valentine's Day Countdown (4)

For today I'm going to review an herbal Valentines Day tea "for sweethearts."  This tea is from Republic of Tea and is called Raspberry Rose Hibiscus.
The website describes the tea as follows:

"Herb Tea for Sweethearts - Every day should be a celebration of love. Raise a cup of this romantic blend with a base of flavorful, healthy Nigerian hibiscus. Sweet, ripe raspberries and delicate rose petals add fruity and floral notes. Enjoy this caffeine-free blend with the ones you cherish."

It is a yummy tea with a nice raspberry taste with floral notes.  The tea is sweet with a slight twang of sour (it is raspberry), so I enjoyed it with a little bit of splenda, but I enjoy my teas on the sweet-side.  The tea is also a lovely (and very appropriate) red.

Because it is an herbal tea, it has been a great tea to unwind to at night this month.  The tea is in the round teabags typical to Republic of Tea.

I am showcasing the Sweethearts tea in my Lady Hamilton cup and saucer set by Royal Albert, which, as you can see, has hearts in the design and is red and gold with roses and other multi-colored flowers.  This is one of my favorite three piece sets (I also have a matching plate). 

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