Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fun tea related finds

As I mentioned in a previous post here I have some of those plug in warmers that melt different scented wax cubes.  Well, I was in Walmart again a couple of weeks ago, and I found another Tea scented one!

Tea Thyme!  I thought it was a cute name.  When I got home I immediately tried it out in two of my warmers this time (because the chai scented one wasn't very strong last time).

I could definitely smell it this time!  The warmer mostly smelled like Thyme and I'm not sure if I smelled anything that reminded me of a tea (but if it is  really a "thyme tea" then I guess that is what thyme tea smells like!).

It reminded me of a very pretty scented soap.  It worked nicely as a warmer scent and was pretty strong (especially since I had two going at the same time).

I found another sort of tea find when I was perusing the internet yesterday.  I saw this pretty new figurine from Royal Doulton named Tallulah.

(picture from Royal Doulton website)

She is holding a pretty blue tea cup and saucer!  I love her hat with the flower too.  Unfortunately, she is a bit too expensive for my blood (check out the link under the picture), and is blond.  I'm brunet, so I tend to be a bit biased towards brunet figurines, but for her, I might make an exception.

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