Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's March 17, happy St. Patrick's Day!  Join me in celebrating Irish heritage whether you are of Irish descent (I am!) or, if not, to just have a good time :). 

It's snowing again today, so it's a perfect day for tea. I set my tea cart to share with you.

In the front is my Belleek set.  It is not a matching set; the plate is in the classic basketweave pattern but the cup has the harp shaped handle with the matching saucer.   I like that the plate is slightly different.  I also really like the harp shaped handle--perfect for my Irish set!  Here is a closer look at the cup:

Belleek is very light and delicate.  The inside of the cup is iridescent, similar to a shell. 

This figurine is Irish Dresden.  Her name is Caroline (same as my full name).  I love her green and white ruffles with roses intermittently placed on the dress.  Irish Dresden is made of real cotton lace impregnated with porcelain clay, which is then used to dress the figurine.

This vase with the green and white flowers is a new find from an antique mall, a little Belleek vase.  I loved the shape and the shamrocks in the front with Celtic looking symbols embossed on the side. 
Below is a teapot I found at Homegoods last year.  Also in this picture is a little creamer that I found this year that matches.

In some of the other pictures I've posted, you can see the little feet holding up the teapot and creamer.  I couldn't find a sugar bowl, but I think one of my grandmother's green glass bowls works perfectly to hold the sugar cubes.

Now let me prepare the tea.  I saved a tea bag from the hotel I stayed at in Dublin last year.  I might have traveled the UK and Ireland picking up tea in each of the hotels I stayed at :). 

Robert Roberts is an Irish tea company located in Dublin.  This is a strong black tea (very like an Irish breakfast blend).  I usually like mine with cream and sugar, but for today, how about an "Irish tea"? 

Maybe some of the soda bread scones I shared the recipe for yesterday?

I really enjoy posting on the various Tuesday tea parties and this week Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage suggested a tea party celebrating Spring with a Bird Lover's Tea or a green tea for St. Patrick's Day, or a combo of the two.  So I have a special guest for tea today:

She's even wearing a  hat, all ready to join us for a Spring tea (even though it is snowing outside right now, but here's hoping!).  I think her peach plumage is a nice contract to all the different greens on the cart.

And I'll leave you with a bit of an Irish song, because how can you talk about Ireland without music:  "So fill to me the parting glass, good night and joy be with you all."

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  1. I just love Belleek! Your teapot is lovely, but I LOVE the teacup! Caroline is an elegant tea guest. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Your tea post is just lovely and you were so lucky to find that pretty teapot at TJMaxx. Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

  3. What a pretty teacup, Carrie! I love that it is iridescent inside. That is so unique! Pretty teapot too and the figurine is adorable. Now that little bird wearing its hat to the party is very cute! Thank you for sharing and joining me for my Spring Tea Party. Happy St. Patricks Day!


  4. I love your Irish post here and what beautiful pieces you are put together to celebrate the day! So glad you shared this lovely tea time with "Friends Sharing Tea"!

  5. Gorgeous! I am "green "with envy over your beautiful Belleek!!

  6. Hi: I have never seen so many Belleek pieces all together. So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. Blessings, Martha

  7. WOWEE ! What a lovely collection.I'm really impressed with how gorgeous Your Belleek sets are.Great job at setting up Your St.Patty's table.Dresden and bird were perfect for it.I enjoyed My visit.I'm going to check to make sure I'm following You,if not I'm Your newest follower. Hugs Denise

  8. Carrie,I didn't see a place to follow You.Do You not have Google Friend's Connect ? I'm sure You will get tons of followers if You set it up.Please drop back by and tell Me if I was wrong.I would love to follow You.Hugs and blessings to You-Denise

  9. Hi Carrie, it's so nice to meet you and share your love of tea. Your Belleek is so beautiful and I love your sweet teapot, too. Your birdie friend adds to the sweet vignette.

  10. Welcome to the weekly tea gathering, you'll meet many others with a love for tea and antiques too. Your tea table is delightful and the Belleek cup has unique shape. Caroline is a pretty lady with her ruffled dress.

  11. Hi Carrie,
    sorry that I came so late to your wonderful tea time. I really love it. Belleek is here in Germany very seldom to see. I have an Irish friend and she owns some Belleek, too. The china with shamrocks makes a wonderful Irish table. And the Irish Dresden figureen is a treasure, too. Thank you so much for sharing this and for your visit and the sweet comment on my blog.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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