Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Fun Finds from Uncle Sam's Niece

Today I wanted to share the fun things I bought at Uncle Sam's Niece's open house.   While I was entranced by the tea, my mom had found all sorts of cool things--she is often much better than me at finding stuff.  In addition to 3 different tea blends for myself and one as a gift for my sister, I bought these little pretty crystal teacups:

They didn't have saucers, but I think they will make really cute dessert cups.  They were very reasonably priced!  Here is a close up of the shell pattern on the front:

My mom also found this picture of ladies having tea that I bought:

The last thing was a baggy full of these cute little tea themed foam cutouts for just 50 cents:

Won't these be neat on  placecards, or maybe as a part of some craft or a favor down the road?

These pictures were taken with my new camera that I had to go buy yesterday because my old camera stopped working and how else can I do blog entries??!!  There was a real moment of panic.  The batteries of my old camera would randomly pop out and it finally got to the point that I couldn't close the door that held the batteries in, so the camera wouldn't turn on.  The new one I got is supposed to be a better quality camera so here's hoping it takes better pictures!  I got it for a really great deal because it had been returned; I just hope it doesn't have any problems.  So far so good, though.  Unfortunately, I had a horrible shopping experience at Best Buy and the camera I ended up with was like number 7 of the ones I looked at.  It shouldn't be that difficult to spend money!

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