Sunday, March 9, 2014

T(ea).V. Time--Once Upon a Time

I'm very excited tonight, Once Upon a Time is coming back from its winter break!  I haven't seen an episode of my favorite T.V. show since December.  Once Upon a Time is a story about fairy tale characters taken by an evil spell from their world, The Enchanted Forest, to ours.  Specifically, they end up living in Storybrooke, Maine, with no memory of who they really are, but living normal lives, except none of them age.

My favorite couple in the show is based on Beauty and the Beast.  Because Disney is involved in the T.V. show (it is on ABC) there are elements from the wonderful animated film, including "Chip," a teacup.  This teacup becomes an important symbol of their relationship.

 (picture from the internet)
Chip's story begins when Belle was serving the Beast character tea and dropped the teacup.  She was frightened that the Beast character would be angry with her.  Instead, he told her it didn't matter, which was the first time he had shown some bit of kindness.  The Beast in the T.V. show is Rumpelstiltskin, of weaving gold into straw fame, who is known as the "Dark One" in the series, a practitioner of "dark magic."      
(picture from the internet)

Rumple (as Belle calls him) keeps the cup even after he believes he has lost Belle as a reminder of her.  It remains an important symbol of their relationship even in Storybrooke.
(picture from the internet)
As the very last episode before Christmas ended with a sad moment between these two, I'm really hoping that the rest of this season's episodes bring Rumple back (hopefully soon).
(picture from the internet)

Now time for a tea nerd moment...I think this cup is a Royal Albert val d'or teacup that has been painted with blue.  

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