Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wild Orange Tea Review

At my sunshine tea I served Teavana's Wild Orange Wulong Oolong tea. 

 Teavana's website describes the tea as follows:  "Be transported to the wild orange groves off the coast of South America in a cup of this bright citrusy and exotic floral blend. Brimming with a symphony of melodic succulent flavors including juicy oranges, soft marigolds, hibiscus and rose petals, this deliciously sweet green oolong tea ends with a lovely lyrical floral note."

The tea definitely smells tea-riffic (sorry couldn't resist).  When I was in the store and the clerk opened the tin, it smelled wonderful--like dried oranges in a potpourri.  When steeped it is a lovely pinky/peach color.  I would recommend steeping the leaves a full 4-5 minutes to get the maximum flavor.  Once used, the tea is too weak to use the leaves again, so make the most of the first cup.


This tea is pretty good, it is not one of my favorites and I probably would not get it again, but then I am not always a fan of hibiscus teas.  You can definitely taste oranges, quickly followed by a floral aftertaste.  It is definitely one of the more unexpected combinations I have had!  I enjoy it with a little sweetener and a large drop of honey.

In this picture you can see the pretty border inside the Aynsley Chelsea gold teacup.


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  1. I like trying new teas, but find that I always go back to my favorite blacks. Pretty teacup!


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