Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disney Tea Adventures--Epcot (Part 2)

As we continued our Epcot adventure, we left Morocco and traveled to Japan, where I stopped to watch a bit of a drum performance before joining my sister in the shop in Japan.

There were all sorts of tea related goodies in the store.

Mancha, complete with the bamboo whisks

and cast Iron teapots in all different shapes and sizes.

From Japan, we made our way through the American Experience into Italy

and on into Germany, where we had dinner plans at the Biergarten (which was delicious!  This was my father's favorite meal of the entire trip). 

Outside of Germany we met Snow White and the seven dwarves,
in topiary form surrounded by beautiful spring flowers.

From Germany we traveled into China
 and watched some visiting acrobats.
After watching the show, I went back to the shops to take a look around.  I have Asian decor in my home and found silk paintings and other accents at this store the last time I visited Disney.  I saw all sorts of pretty tea sets that I would have loved to buy if they had been cheaper and if I didn't have to worry about how to get them home.

Here is a closer look at two of the displays on this table I found to be the most interesting:

Here is another display:

 There was also a large selection of tea

Speaking of tea, there is also a tea stand in China that sells tea slushes.

We tried three different flavors:

Strawberry Oolong Tea slush
 Tipsy Ducks in Love (a combination of cold tea and coffee blended with bourbon whisky and chocolate)

and, finally, a mango green tea slush (my personal favorite).

So I managed to work tea into my second day in Disney too!  After China, we made our way through Norway (and to the cool Viking ride),

and then Mexico (and the tres amigos ride).
 After those last two rides, we made our way towards the park exit, while we passed by some beautiful flowers.


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