Monday, July 28, 2014

Strawberry Tea

Welcome to my home for this week's themed tea--a strawberry tea!
Just one plucked from beneath verdant leaves,
bright red, plump, washed in the morning dew.
A bite, sour and sweet, juicy and firm,
the taste of summer sun
and strawberry fields.
First let's start with the china and flatware. I have three different sets of china on the table.  On the left end of the table is Victoriana Rose by Paragon.

The silverware on the table is silverplate by Gracie china--I found two boxes of 4 each at Homegoods.  There are flowers on the end of these with a pearl in the middle of the bloom.

On the opposite end of the table, I placed a set of Royal Albert's Lavender and Roses.

 In the middle is one of my German sets by Rosenthal--this one in red.

Do you have a preference for which set you would like to use?  Please have a seat and I'll pour you some tea from my Gracie China teapot with pink roses and strawberries.

How do you take your tea?  I have cream and sugar in my pink glass creamer and sugar set:

I borrowed some of my mother's pink glass serving dishes to use for this tea.  I'm serving strawberry-cucumber-mint canapés and strawberry chicken salad croissants on my great-grandmother's pink depression glass sandwich tray:

I also placed a bowl of strawberries on the table in my mother's pink depression glass casserole.

This bowl has a matching lid, but I didn't want to cover up the bright red strawberries!  Below is a better look at the leaves in the bowl design.

I also borrowed my mother's small pink satin glass tray to hold these strawberries and cream scones:

If you're ready for dessert, we have bonbon cookies and white chocolate strawberry cupcakes.

Just a bit about the linens on the table: 
My mother gave me the embroidered tablecloth and matching napkins from her stash of goodies--she bought them from Hechts probably a couple of decades ago.
Recipes and more on the tea served will follow later this week, so please visit me again if you are interested :).
Thanks for joining me for my strawberry tea!  This week I'm joining these tea parties:
 Bernideen's Tea in the Garden
 Tuesday Cuppa Tea~

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  1. Beautiful tea table with gorgeous dishes! Love it and the yummy sweets, wow!

  2. Happy Tea Cup Tuesday! I like to pin one photo from every Tea Cup Tuesday post that I visit. Your table is so lovely, that I just want to share them all, and have everyone come see your lovely, lovely tea table. Whomever you shared that with must have felt like royalty.

  3. What a gorgeous table! All the china so gracefully compliments each other. The food choices or fab! Wish I were in your neighborhood! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. If only I could eat some strawberries. The china variety is wonderful!

  5. Your china is lovely and the strawberries look so fresh and yummy....Christine

  6. I especially love the deep colors of your china, and the embroidered table topper !

  7. First of all, I love the strawberry linens from your Mom's stash. Since you asked, I'd love to sit where the Victoriana Rose is set. Everything looks perfect for your strawberry tea today, Carrie. I'd love to sample that tea, too, with cream and sugar for me, please.

  8. What a beautiful table setting and like Kitty above - love the table cloth and napkins. I adore linens of all kinds that are vintage. I also love your teapot (I sell that one in my shop so I recognize.) This is a wonderful posting!

  9. This is beautiful. The food looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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