Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tea Finds at Cracker Barrel

I went to dinner today at the Cracker Barrel and saw so many tea things in their store that I wanted to share.

First, I saw a teapot hook:

The flat part in the back has a place for a nail head so it can be hung on a wall, and the teapot spout serves as the hook!  So cute!

Next, as I continued wandering, I saw little white and blue salt and pepper shakers with tiny owls, coffee pots, and a teapot:

 I thought an owl with a teapot was an interesting mix!  You could mix and match however you wanted; I looked and each design had both three holes for salt and two holes for pepper.

I turned one more corner and found another tea related display:

I thought the red and white transferware pattern was so pretty, especially with the white light-up tree in the background with the teapot underneath. 
This is my first time taking pictures for the blog with my Kindle Fire--I think it worked pretty good for a quick picture on the go!  I don't have a smartphone, so I usually have to lug the camera around if I want to take pictures, but this worked pretty well. 
By the way, for dinner I had one of cracker barrel's new summer bakes--delicious!

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