Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spice and Tea Exchange

Well, I'm finally getting around to finishing my Georgetown posts!  Its been a bit harder to post lately, hopefully things will calm down soon.  Anyway, while I was in D.C. last weekend, Lisa and I also stopped in the Tea and Spice Exchange.   This shop is a part of a chain all across the U.S. (I've visited one previously in Williamsburg, VA).

Inside the store there were all sorts of great spices as well as spice blends for meats, pastas, etc.  It would be a great place to visit closer to Christmastime if you have friends and family that are foodies. 

I wasn't so much drawn to the spices, however.  There was something much better in the back of the store...

A whole wall of tea!  Best of all, we were encouraged to open the canisters and smell everything from the teas to the spices.  And let me say there were some wonderful smelling blends! 

I was immediately drawn to the seasonal tea blends--I'm a sucker for seasonal and holiday blends of tea, especially fall and Christmas themed teas.  These two just jumped into my arms!

These will definitely show up in later posts, but here's a hint--pumpkin may be involved :).

Here ends my journey to Georgetown (at least for now).  I'm really looking forward to fall starting next week, but I am definitely enjoying the last weekend of summer!

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  1. I have always wanted to see Georgetown, hear it is a neat place to stay.

    That tea house is AWESOME - I bet you were in there forever! : - )


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