Sunday, December 28, 2014

After Christmas adventures

I figured I should start my after Christmas wanderings post first with Christmas day itself.  My gifts were wrapped in some lovely teapot themed Christmas paper--I was rather sad I hadn't found any for myself so I could wrap gifts in it!

I did get some tea related gifts as well, including a teapot calendar for my kitchen.

Here is a picture of the back with all the different scenes for the year.  

One thing I typically do on December 26 is check out the after Christmas sales to see if there is anything I would like left, especially now that it is cheaper!  While out, I stopped in Old Town Manassas.  In addition to the sales, I enjoy going around while the decorations are still up to stretch the season just a bit longer.  Here are some of the prettiest things I saw this year:

(now I wish I had at least looked to see how much this cost)
(this pretty red and white tablescape is in the Opera House Gourmet, which is particularly known for its wine selection)
I also stopped into one of my favorite Old Town Manassas stores, The Things I Love.  This store also serves tea (see here for my post from this past summer), but at Christmastime it transforms into a winter wonderland.  I didn't get to this store until the afternoon, so many of the ornaments were gone from the trees, but I did get a shot of the afternoon tea themed tree (of course!)
She also had some fun tea themed gifts:

There was a whole wall of these picture frames, and the sayings were too cute to pass by without taking a picture to share.


    I'm just enjoying having time now to relax and visit different places.  I should take off more time before Christmas!

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