Sunday, February 22, 2015

Peach tea lip balm!

Okay, so lately I feel like I've been mentioning Celestial Seasonings tea a lot, but their advertising department has been doing terrific lately!

I was in the grocery store again (amazing how that happens every week!), and looking for a new nighttime herbal tea.  I was going to try something from a different brand, but I saw the free lip balm sticker, and immediately grabbed this box of Celestial Seasonings Peach Passion tea. When I got home, I opened the box and the bag surrounding the tea,

and there was the lip balm!
It smells and tastes peachy!  Just like the tins from last month, free stuff definitely encourages me to get Celestial Seasonings teas.  It has also gotten me to try some different ones--I haven't gotten their peach tea in a very long time--I forgot how good it is!  It has a very strong (and yummy) peach taste.  I checked their website, and there was no mention of the lip balm giveaway on their promotions page, so I'm not sure if any other teas will have lip balms included too.


  1. Another nice addition to your Celestial Teas collectables. I love that the lip balm says Celestial right on it. I have two tins myself and I will look for this next time I shop. Tea sounds good too!

  2. CS definitely has a savvy marketing department! I would have gone for the free bonus items too and lip balm is much needed during this record-breaking cold month!

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for recommending the CS peach tea. I've never had peach tea before and think it may taste equally as good as an iced tea during the summer months. The CS freebies are so much fun.

  4. :o( I cannot find anymore and it's my absolute favorite lip balm ever! I only bought one box too. Went back to get more and they are all gone. So sad.
    #naturalingredients #countrypassionpeach #lipbalm


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