Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Royal Palace Tea

Unfortunately I had to travel for work last weekend (I went to Houston, Texas, but more on that another day), and I haven't had a chance to take pictures for the tea parties this week.  I'm disappointed too--I had this month's tea parties all planned!  But, here is the post I was going to do on Sunday.

Harney and Sons has a deal with Historic Royal Palaces where they do custom tea blends for them.  I found a new one last year that I added to my list of teas to try one day.

Doesn't the pattern on the tin look familiar?  It's the same as the china pattern!

Royal Palace tea is a black tea with lemon and grapefruit flavors.  As you can see, it comes in Harney's satchets, which I really like because it is loose leaf quality tea, in ready to go filters! 

 The tea is a nice dark color and has just a hint of citrus flavor.  I really liked it with a bit of sweetener.

I was playing a bit with background colors while setting up for this tea.  My favorite picture was the one with the red background below--I think it really shows off the colors of the teacup and the tin.  This tin will definitely go in my keep collection.  It will be really pretty as a vase! 


  1. That gorgeous tin is definitely a keeper!

  2. The tin and teacup have such unique and vivid colors. I would like to try that tea.

  3. Fantastic! How do you source all your tea tins and beautiful tea sets?

  4. That is so fantastic how your tin matches your tea cup. Both are so pretty. It is definitely a keeper. Happy you like the flavor of the tea too; and so nice they come in the little wrappers.

  5. I love that tin and love that teacup!

    Not a fan of grapefruit teas, have had several and just can't seem to bring myself to try anymore, but my word that is a GORGEOUS tin.

    Harney and Sons is my favorite tea company for sure. I buy a lot of loose leaf from them. My favorite is PARIS.


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