Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  I visited my parents' house to join them for church and a wonderful ham dinner...and my Easter basket :)
My dad decorates two dogwoods in his front yard with plastic eggs--they are always so beautiful.  Unfortunately this Easter they aren't blooming, but they are still pretty and colorful with all the different eggs!
I know I owe you all a scone recipe, I'll post it on Tuesday after tomorrow's tea party...sorry, this week just got away from me! 



  1. While sitting at our Easter Table; my husband mentioned that the (plastic) eggs had holes in the bottom. I see on your top photo that you have a hook on them to hang them. So you have given me a great idea for future Easter decorations! Thanks. Love your Fathers decorated tree. It still looks so pretty with all the colorful eggs. And your tea cups look so cute with the little eggs placed inside! I just love all the pretty colors of your Easter Table.

  2. Love your dad's tradition of hanging the eggs outside on the tree! So colorful and festive! Your table top tree looks great too. Of course I'm eyeing the bunny in your beautiful Shelley teacup. Glad you had a nice Easter weekend! ~Nora

  3. Happy Easter Monday, Carrie! Your dad's colourful Easter egg tree made me smile. Enjoy the yummy treats from your Easter basket!


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