Monday, June 29, 2015

Roses, nostalgia, and tea

This weekend I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I decided to share my very first tea set.  It just so happens to have roses,  which are the flower of the month for June.
I've always liked tea parties, so my grandmother gave me this set when I was a child so I could have tea parties of my own.
It is unnamed and made in Japan by Sango China.  It originally belonged to my great-grandmother, and then my aunt took the set with her to college so she could serve her friends tea, and finally it came to me.  I am one plate shy of having a full service for 6, but four was plenty for tea parties with my parents, sister and me (although one day I would like to get one more plate to finish the set). 
It is obviously well used and loved, with a couple of nicks here and there, but it is definitely special to me even without the gold and fancy of the rest of my bone china--and the roses are beautiful!
My grandmother also made me an apron, which I wore for every single tea party, because of course you have to dress up for tea!
I loved hot pink, so she found this fabric (with rows of roses among the pink stripes), and trimmed it in eyelet, and ruffles with two little pockets in front to hold important things.  She even made it adjustable so it could grow with me--I can still wear it to this day. 
As I child, my mom and I always made muffins for my tea parties, so for this party I made muffins with fresh strawberries. 
And a little visitor joined us for tonight's tea:

 Who wouldn't like to drink afternoon tea
Out in the garden just like me?
With the song of a bird, and the hum of a bee,
And the sunflowers looking all eyes to see.
The little girl's stirring her tea so sweet;
Tea in the garden is such a treat,
With a cool breeze blowing and not much heat--
And doesn't the tea tray look
charmingly sweet?
Victorian nursery rhyme by Kate Greenaway 
Here I am pouring my dad (always a good sport) tea.  I was 10 in this picture, and I'm wearing the apron my grandmother gave me.  I always served a Celestial Seasonings berry tea (usually Strawberry Fields, which I'm not sure they still make).  And there are the muffins in a little brown basket! 
Thanks so much for joining me on this little trip down memory lane.  I'm linking to these tea parties this week:
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  1. What a wonderful grandmother to give you this special teaset. The roses are a lovely pattern and the shape of the teapot. I love the apron your apron your grandmother created for the print is so sweet. Have a great week and a cute photo of you and your Dad!

    Take care, Pam

  2. What a very special memory to have; and so special that you have this Tea Set and the Apron so lovingly made for you. Great post. The Tea Table and goodies look good.

  3. Roses are so perfect on china. What a wonderful grandmother! Both the china and the apron are simply precious! And I love the picture of you serving tea to your Dad. Thanks for joining me for tea and Happy 4th of July, Carrie!


  4. How precious! Your very first teaset is lovely. You have such wonderful memories around your teaset. Lucky you! Happy Tea Day!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea set and the special memories associated with it, Carrie. The apron is also super cute and I'm glad that it's adjustable so you can still wear it!

  6. Oh how sweet - I just love this tender post.

    I am glad you were feeling nostalgic. What wonderful memories!

  7. What amazing memories and I am so glad your Grandmother passed this to you. What a treasured set.

  8. How lovely to have a family teaset. So pretty! And I love the photo of you in your apron with your Dad. What special memories! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! And thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Lovely memories! thanks for including us :)
    I celebrated Canada Day TeaTime Welcome....

  10. What a treasure to have that tea set, Carrie! I loved seeing you wearing that lovely apron and serving tea to your dad. What sweet memories you have of tea, grandma, muffins and a treasured tea set.

  11. Lovely set & table!
    (While I was waiting for a report to finish, I went searching... is this the pattern?

    1. Hi Miss Jane! Thanks so much for your comment. This is definitely really close to my set--I think the only difference is the one on replacements has gold! How cool to see a different version with the same roses!

  12. Great article. I also have that Fruit and Berries Teas tin. So handy to re-fill. :)


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