Monday, December 21, 2015

On this winter's night

Happy Christmas week, and the first day of winter!  With all the last minute hectic-ness, how about we take time to relax with a cup of tea by the fire,

With some relaxing music?

The candle's burning low upon my table top,

The snow is softly falling.

I brew a pot of fragrant (Downton Christmas) tea,
the steam rising in the shadows overhead

my cup is almost empty.

I would be happy to share this thing I love,

Upon this winter's night with you.

The fire is dying now, my lamp is growing dim
The shades of night are liftin'
The mornin' light steals across my windowpane
Where webs of snow are driftin'

The sun's rays gleaming overhead
The white wilds are wakin'

This tea has a bit of a poinsettia theme for December's flower of the month tea, so I also wanted to share a couple of pictures from the National Botanical Gardens in D.C.  Every Christmas season the botanical gardens are taken over by poinsettia and models of the famous buildings and monuments around town, all made out of plants.


(Supreme Court)

 (Washington Monument)

(Lincoln Memorial)

(White House)

Thanks so much for joining me!  The cookies I served at tonight's tea are white chocolate cranberry pretzel...I'll share the recipe later this week.  I really enjoyed the Downton Abbey tea and it was even good iced!  I really should try and watch that show.

I'm linking to these parties this week:


  1. You know I never watched Downton Abbey until the end of the fifth season.Then my hubby and I rented the whole series and watched it to get caught up. We are quite hooked on it now. I'm sure you will enjoy it too once you get into it. The fashions and tea times are so much fun to see. The magnolias look lovely on your tree! And I've never had Downton Abbey tea but it sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you and all those you love, Carrie!


  2. Your Christmas decorations are lovely, Carrie! I'm also loving your holiday-themed teawares. I will be forever grateful to my old manager at work for introducing me to Downton Abbey. She said that the show made her think of me because of all the tea times. Hee! I got hooked on the first episode (which must had numerous tea settings that made me swoon) and now I can't wait for the final season to premiere on January 3rd! Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)