Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall 2016 Teacup Exchange Reveal!!

I was so excited to participate in Stephanie's (from The Enchanting Rose) 9th Teacup and Mug Exchange last month.  This is my second time participating, and it was just as fun as the first time.  Not only is it fun to scroll through and see what all the ladies (192 this time!!!) put together in their boxes during the reveal, but I enjoy the "hunt" to put my gifting box together as much as receiving my own teacup box. 

And speaking of my came decorated!

This exchange I received a teacup from Ang of the Just a Country Girl blog.  She was so sweet, she emailed me a few times to learn more about what I like before putting together my box, and since I said I loved the Christmas season,

She sent me this beautiful mug (or teacup as the case may be) rug and matching coasters!  I love the mix of light blue with red.  I can also leave it out all winter, so I'm thinking inspiration for a January tea post?  We'll have to see.  And of course the assorted flavored black teas is a hit with me.

But, how about a close up of the pièce de résistance:

Such a pretty teacup!!!  I love butterflies, in fact my everyday china is Lenox's Butterfly Meadow, so not only is this teacup lovely, it matches my china. 

(New teacup)

(one setting of Butterfly Meadow)

I sent my box to Libby in Tennessee.  I'm not sure if she will be linking or not (she has had some troubles with her blog this year), but here is a peek at what I sent her:

Libby said Fall was her favorite time of year, and she really liked owls, so I had extra fun trying to find things she would really was like a treasure hunt!  She also sent me a lovely thank you note, so I think she liked her box.

Here is the close up of the Paragon teacup I gave her--a very timely find at my favorite thrift shop (yes, the exchange is totally an excuse to visit my favorite thrift shop...and Homegoods of course).

So we went from winter to spring to fall all in one post!  Thanks so much to Stephanie for hosting this wonderful exchange and working to match up all (192) participants!  I'm linking to The Enchanting Rose's 9th Teacup and Mug Exchange Reveal!

If you are interested, please also check out my Halloween Tea in the Wizarding World post!  I'm planning on posting a couple of recipes from that party later this week.


  1. Good evening, lovely Carrie! It is such a joy to have you participate in the exchange and I appreciate your kind words.

    The tea cup you received from Ang is darling and how wonderful that it matches your china. One can never have too many butterflies, right? :) Ang was very sweet to consider what you like and how lovely that she sent you a Christmas theme mug rug and coasters. I, too, love Christmas {{smiles}}

    I just LOVE the sweet goodies you sent to Libby. The tea cup....a real beauty for sure!

    Once again, thank you for participating. Hugs to you!

  2. I think your butterfly tea cup is amazing. It is so pretty. Lots of other sweet goodies came your way from Ang. Stephanie is just so amazing and a dear person to set this all up for us. Happy tea time.

  3. WONDERFUL treasures - both coming and going! What loveliness!

    What a blessing these exchanges are - Stephanie is an angel to put this together...but the greatest blessing is the friendships that ensue!

  4. I love the butterfly teacup! It is so lovely - butterflies just make one smile, I think. :) <3

  5. Lovely gifts both received and sent. Such a pretty butterfly tea cup, love the gold on the rim.
    Enjoy your treasures~~


  6. Lovely tea cups, both sent and received. This was such a fun exchange! Blessings, Cindy

  7. Hi Carrie! The teacup that you received from Ang is just beautiful and perfect for your Lenox China. Your other gifts will be fun to use for Christmas and winter, too.
    The package that you sent Libby had such a pretty teacup and other treasures for her to enjoy. Yes, our sweet friend, Stephanie sure does bless us with this lovely exchange of giving and receiving.

  8. Hi Carrie!

    It's Libby....your teacup partner {{smiles}}

    I loved reading your post and greatly enjoyed seeing all that you received in your lovely package! What a beautiful teacup...butterflies are always a good pick!

    And yes, indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed the stunning package you sent! I am still loving the sweet treats and the teacup is a new favorite of mine! You nailed it on the head with picking out my favorites {{smiles}}

    Hope your weekend is beautifully blessed and happy November to you as well!

    Joy and peace,

  9. Ooooh.....your pretty new tea cup is divine! LOVE the pattern! Your dinner set is stunning!

  10. Oh Carrie, your butterfly tea cup is darling and what a treat that it matches your China! This was my first time to participate and I, too, loved putting together the package for a new friend!

    Blessings and hugs!

  11. Aw, I'm glad you liked it all. :) Your package that you sent is so beautiful! I'm sure your partner loved it! And I'm SO glad the butterfly cup matches what you already had! That's great!

  12. I think it's really nice that your beautiful new teacup goes so well with your china! What a beautiful cup :) I like the mug rug & coasters. Blue & red look so crisp for Christmas. Ang treated you so well!
    You sent out such a lot lovely things to Libby too! Enjoy your day,

  13. I agree that the hunt for the "perfect gift" is just as fun as being on the receiving end. Your new beautiful butterfly teacup is so pretty and I owlso love the autumn-themed package that you sent to Libby. I'm already starting to drink some of my Christmas teas.

  14. Hi Carrie...what a beautiful new teacup and such lovely goodies. xx


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