Sunday, May 24, 2020

Day 11--Black Forest to Heidelberg

So begins our last day in Germany.  We started the day with a stop at a cuckoo clock shop for Black Forest cake (and a shopping opportunity of course).

(a bit of Cherry Wine made in the Black Forest)

(Tea and Black Forest cake)

Back on the road, until a stop at a gas station for lunch again (very unexciting) on our way to Heidelberg.


 Heidelberg is a university town that's skyline is dominated by the ruins of a castle dating from the 1200s.

After arriving in Heidelberg, we walked to the center and took the funicular up to see the castle ruins.

Beautiful views down in the city.

In one of the rebuilt buildings (with wine tastings if I remember correctly) was this huge wine cask.

Back down the funicular to town.

A bit of time to wander,

including a quick duck into the church.

(I even went into this antique store and found a three piece set)

Next back on the road to Frankfurt, as our trip comes full circle.

Some takeaways:

I would definitely love to go to Bavaria again (especially Rothenburg and Munich).  I'd like to try the Christmas markets, so Nuremburg would also be on my list.

Berlin is definitely worth more time as well.

We took the German Highlights Globus tour.  It was good in so far as I wanted to see the, well, highlights, but Germany is too big and there was a lot of time wasted on the autobahn and in staus.

I definitely recommend Alsace as a stop too if you can work it in.  It was super easy to get to Strasburg from Frankfurt on the Lufthansa bus and took about 2 1/2 hours (and was direct!).   They also have a Christmas market that I've heard good things about!

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  1. NOOOOOO!!! I have waited so long for these posts and now the trip is over, haha. :( :( :(.

    I actually don't have many comments because our stops en route back to Frankfurt were pretty brief, if I remember correctly, but here we go:
    • Cuckoo clocks are expensive. Did anyone on our tour actually splurge and buy one? I can't remember. I think I bought a couple of small carved wooden ornaments here for my mom, but that's about it.
    • However, the black forest cake made a pretty good second breakfast, if I remember correctly. :-P.
    • Sooooo many Autobahn gas station lunches. :(.
    • Heidelberg was nice. Despite your lack of photo evidence in this post, I vaguely remember eating some sort of dessert-ish thing there (ice cream?) while sitting on a bench in the main square near the base of the funicular.
    • You should've included a photo of the tea set you bought at the antique shop!
    • Agree with your recap and the cities/regions to prioritize on any return trip to Germany! :).

    Thank you for posting these! I know that going through your gajillion photos and typing up the recaps takes a long time, but your posts really have been a bright spot during this stupid quarantine period, especially given that we were supposed to be freshly returned from frolicking around the Scottish highlands. Xoxo.


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)