Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spring in Colmar

 Since we are in the midst of social distancing and my trip for 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, I figured this was the perfect time to take a virtual vacation by (finally) getting back to doing some of my vacation posts.  So lets visit the Alsace region in eastern France!

We stayed in Colmar three nights before moving to Strasburg (more on Strasburg in a later post!).  Historical Colmar was quant and everything you'd hope for in a half-timbered town!

By the time we arrived, it was early afternoon (around 3 pm), so after checking in to our hotel, we went out to explore, heading up towards St. Dominion Church, passing by some performers in traditional clothes.

Along the way we also spotted a couple of the  hanging metal store signs Colmar is known for.  

As we walked, we also noticed more and more cute spring and Easter decorations.

Finally we reached St. Dominion and Saturday's market.  

There were all sorts of animals in cages and vendor and more decorations. 

Next up was a food break, so we stopped in Jadis et Gourmande, a tea salon, for dessert.

It was very cute and woodsy inside with a teddy bear theme (but of course I didn't take pictures).
(except for the food--applestrudel, yum!)

Next it was back up a little ways to St. Martin's Church (dating to 1235).  

Two storks have made St. Martin their home, locals calling the pair Martin and Martine.

Storks have an important place in the identity of this area of France (which had also been a part of  Germany at various points throughout its history), and can be found all over town.

Next time for early dinner!  Since it was probably between 5-6 at this point, it was way too early for a real dinner.  Instead we had apertifs and shared a pizza at a bistro before continuing our walk, this time to little Venice (seemed appropriate).  

As you might have guessed by the name, Colmar has canals running through it, which we soon discovered were also decorated!

We soon came to Place Douane, behind the Custom House.  It looks like we just missed another market.

Our walk continued up Petit Rue des Tanneurs (where the tanners would have one had their shops)

Next up to the Petite Venice area of Colmar.

Probably the most famous picture spot in Colmar.  Incidentally, the pink building on the right was our hotel.

We stayed at Hostellerie le Marechal, built around 1560.

The hotel was very quant and old,

Up the stairs to our room,

which was on the tiny side, but still quant.

(it even had a tiny balcony!)

**Trip tip.  We flew in to Frankfurt and caught a Lufthansa bus at the airport that took us directly to Strasburg's train station (luggage storage under the coach).  It was a bit over 2 hours (perfect for jetlagged sleeping).  From there, we walked a couple of feet to the station, bought regional train tickets to Colmar, and 20 minutes later we had arrived!  We walked to the hotel, a between 10-15 minute walk (just at our normal walking limit with our large bags).

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  1. CARRIE!! I can’t believe you put me off for yearsssss by saying that your photos turned out badly! These pictures are all so good and are giving me some much-needed nostalgia, especially since we’re not freshly returned from our planned Scottish adventure (guess I’ll have to save that shiny new coat for another year, haha).

    And now, bullet points in no particular order:
    • Thank you for omitting the details of my annual “arrival day food-related jetlag meltdown.”
    • OUR ADORBS HOTEL! ������ I’m so glad you got photos of the front because somehow I didn’t manage to take any. And also the wonky little hallway and our teensy room! I'm having flashbacks to the weird toilet situation now, haha.
    • I was so obsessed with those storks, LOL.
    • I'd forgotten about that pizza but now I remember that it was delicious. I think we planned to return for another and never got around to it, is that right? And wasn't it some kind of special Alsatian pizza? These memories are the plus side of your dedication to food documentation, haha.
    • You didn't mention how we missed our bus to Strasbourg by five minutes and were stranded in the Frankfurt airport for two extra hours, haha. And the confusion that resulted when our newly issued tickets were mis-labeled. But maybe you repressed all of that due to my incessant whining. I think we parked ourselves at the coffeeshop by the door of the bus stop and ordered food. Was that your first pretzel of the trip? Obviously there was no backdrop worthy of a photo, haha.

    I can't believe this trip was two years ago!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!


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