Monday, June 15, 2020

Day 5--Amsterdam City Walk

Day 5 was pretty lowkey. We stayed in Amsterdam and saw more of the city. We started with Rick Steves' walk at the Centraal station (after a quick metro ride), got a bit lost, but then found the Damrak, which would take us to Dam Square (again--we ended up here a lot).

 While walking down the Damrak, we passed an Art Nouveau shopping passageway with Tiffany lanterns, a marble floor, and mosaic ceiling.

Once we reached Dam Square,

we headed over to the Royal Palace (actually originally built as Amsterdam's town hall from 1648-1655) to tour it.  Napoleon thought it was grand enough to be a palace for his brother Louis (who he installed as King in 1806) and today it is an official residence of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange.

We entered into Citizen's Hall, with Atlas holding a globe of the world.

(There is a lot going on here...)

We passed under Atlas to the throne room

and small reception room.

The Citzen's Hall is surrounded by hallways from which branch other rooms.

(This was once the Execution Chamber)

(and this, the Mozes Hall where the Council once met)

From here, it was back to the ground floor and to the Vierschaar, the Tribunal.  It was here that the death sentence was pronounced.

We went back out into Dam Square and dashed into the gift shop to see if we wanted to pay to enter nearby Nieuwe Kerk, but felt we got the idea from the glimpse of the sparse interior.  This church is known more for its exhibits, but we weren't interested in seeing them.

Afterwards, we went into the De Bijenkorf Department Store across Dam Square and up to their eatery in the top level for a quick breakfast.

From Dam Square we headed down the Kalverstraat, passing by De Papegaai, another Catholic hidden church (as you might remember from the Day 1 post, beginning in 1578, Catholics had to go underground with their worshipping. There was religious tolerance, it just couldn't be in the open). 

Next we wandered past (and in) the Amsterdam museum (which was not worth it)

Although there was an interesting exhibit on fashion.

We next saw an old lay convent area (Begijnhof), built to house the Beguines (pious women who dedicated their lives to God),

(This was such a pretty little piece of Amsterdam!) 

with its Protestant church

across from the hidden Catholic church. 

Next up the steps to Spui Square,

This seemed like a good place to try some haring (herring).  Herring is a big deal here, they take the raw fish and soak it in a salt brine for 5 days. It is sold in haringhandel (herring stands). 

It is served in Amsterdam cut up with bread and butter pickles and diced onion. You eat it with a toothpick with the Dutch flag on it, so patriotic too! 

(Hello lens cap!  Ugh, I must have been flustered)

it was okay--I tried the local delicacy--check!  It was back up Kalverstraat 

to walk towards the Mint Tower.  

We had just passed a place selling fresh fancy stroopwaffles, so gave into temptation.  Mine had chocolate and oreos and was a much better snack than the herring.

continued our walk through the flower market (sadly, too touristy) 

Next up the Leidsestraat

and over a couple of canals

till we arrived in Leidseplein (the same square we saw a couple days ago after the canal cruise when we walked to catch the tram). 

Katherine was really interested in the Mod Museum, which we walked past a couple times on Museum day, so we caught the tram back down there from Leidseplein. 

(Wait until you see the front of Mickey...poor Mickey)

The museum was interesting, but modern art it still not my thing. 

(Like a life-sized Vincent von Gogh room)

Quite a few of Bansky's works.

There was a surprising amount of Disney references...but all slightly off.

(this is just violence against Mickey)

Even in the outside artwork.

(Poor Mickey!!!)

After sitting outside on the Museumplein for a bit to rest our feet, we walked to the Carousel Pancake house located inside a former fairground carousel complex! 

They serve sweet and savory dutch pancakes (pannenkoeken). Dutch pancakes are a mix between American fluffy pancakes and crepes (so they are thin). Our pancakes were as big as our plates! 

I enjoyed a savory pancake with cheese, ham, and mushrooms. Afterwards we caught the tram back to the Waterlooplein. This evening was rainy, so it was a pretty early night.

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  1. • I laughed at "lowkey," haha. It's all relative. :-P. We did a lot of stuff!!
    • And we started the day with a palace! With furniture! You love those!
    • OMG, Photo No. 7! I was so focused on that hilarious bored skeleton that I didn't even NOTICE Medusa (I'm assuming...?) with the GIGANTIC SAGGY BOOBS. Dang, I gotta be more observant in the moment! Did you see that at the time and not tell me because that would be a massive betrayal of our friendship. :-P.
    • All of your photos of the palace interior are really good, but I really like No. 21 for some reason. It's ~atmospheric~ or something.
    • LOL at how we ducked in and then right back out of that church gift shop.
    • That was the fanciest and most obscenely expensive yogurt EVAR but it was SO. GOOD. I'm mad at myself for not taking a photo of mine for posterity (although I think we got the exact same kind?). That whole restaurant up there was impressive-- all of the non-breakfasty foods looked equally delicious.
    • Agree that the Amsterdam museum was a bust. I think I have one fancy old dress photo and that's it.
    • I LOOOOVE every single one of the Begijnhof photos, though! It was so pretty there, probably my favorite spot in actual Amsterdam. And then my back randomly gave out and we got to spend extra time there! *facepalm* But anyway, Photo No. 41 is for-sure frameworthy.
    • LOL at your herring. I'm sorry that I didn't assist with the hand modeling. I feel like I was RIGHT THERE (and maybe even holding stuff for you?), but who knows? Anyway, could the photo be any more patriotic with the pickled herring, Dutch flag, and tangled mass of bicycles? I think not.
    • Fancy gooey stroopwafels >>>> herring. Although I did have logistical difficulties with my stroopwafel melting faster than I could devour it. #firstworldproblems
    • So...many...canals...
    • LOL, sorry I made you go in TWO modern art museums. Not EVERYTHING was morbid!
    • Ah, that dutch pancake was so good but not filling. I was hungry again like an hour later. I mean, I'm always hungry, but still.

    Your photos are definitely getting better every day!!


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