Monday, February 17, 2014

Diamond Candles

Have you ever heard of Diamond Candles?  The company sells candles in all different scents, many seasonal offerings, and has one line of candles called "ring candles" that have a ring inside.  You're probably wondering what this has to do with tea.  Well, some of the fragrances are tea inspired!  The website today includes a candle that is cinnamon tea scented, and on this blog I am featuring this candle:

Pumpkin Chai!  The scent is wonderful and is just like some of the pumpkin spiced teas that I had last autumn.  The scent really spreads throughout the whole room.  I will admit, however, that I am cheating--the pumpkin chai candle is my sister's, she said I could borrow it for blogging purposes.  I actually got the candle below:

As I mentioned, each candle comes with a ring inside that is valued between $10 and $5,000.  So, for about $25.00 you get a wonderful smelling candle and a ring worth at least $10.  The gold sticker shown in the picture above tells you where the ring is in the candle and the candle has to be burned until the wax is melted to the point where the ring is.  So how is the ring in the candle?  Well, this
baggy has the ring inside and the whole thing is wrapped in gold foil.  I might have gotten impatient and went fishing for it with scissors when the wax was soft enough for me to pull it out.  Here is the ring I got:
 Beautiful and it's my birthstone!  The website says that the rings come in the "most common sizes" but our experience has been that the rings tend towards the bigger sizes, which is good for my family.  My sister got my mother a candle for Christmas and received a couple herself, and I think most of the rings were around a size 8.  Mine was definitely a size 8--which is good for me, just a bit big. 

I think that these candles are an extremely clever idea. The person receiving the gift gets one present, the candle, and gets a complete surprise gift inside that she has to wait for.  As I mentioned, the company even has tea fragrances for the tea lover in your life (or for you!)

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