Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flowers & Tea Tins

I've been wanting to try a tip I read in a magazine last month on how to use old tea tins as a vase, and have Valentine's day flowers that are starting to wilt, so today is the day!  The magazine is a special edition issue called Tea Pleasures:

I actually just saw the magazine in Barnes and Noble today, so you can still get a copy if you haven't yet.  Anyway, I've tried to use tea tins in the past as a flower centerpiece.  I used oasis the last time and poured water directly in the tin.  I had problems with leaking and the florist tape not holding the oasis down and it floating out of the tin.  But now after reading the magazine:

Ta-da!  And the secret is just putting a small cup or vase inside the tin.  This is common sense, I know, but it never occurred to me!  I used a small sour cream cup I had kept.

Here is a different shaped tin:
Too cool!  I know what I'm going to have on the table the next time I have a tea.

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