Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome to my Carousel Tea

I'm so glad you could make it!  Please come in.

We have three for tea today.  I set the table with some of my German porcelain sets that are off white with lots of gold.  I love the cups of these sets, which I have found to be typical of my German porcelain, with their wide bowls with elaborate decorations in the cups.
Do you like the centerpiece?  This is one of my favorites in my carousel collection.

The music box plays the theme song from "Titanic"; press play below if you would like to hear the music during our tea.
Please have a seat at the head of the table--you're the guest!

And, of course, the menu is at your place setting. 

Would you like some tea?  I'm serving a tea called "Carnival."  This pot is very sentimental to me, my Aunt Ed gave it to me when I was a child because she knew I liked tea and carousels.  She passed away a couple of years ago.

Which sandwich would you like to start with?  Of course there are scones to follow.

Don't forget about dessert!   
I'm so glad you could join me for tea!  Check back later this week for more information about the Carnival tea and the menu.
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  1. What a beautiful tea party. I would love sitting here.
    Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.

  2. This is very clever and original and you put a lot of work into this - thank you for sharing at Friends Sharing Tea as I love it all!

  3. Carrie, your tea is beautiful! I am in love with that china! It is so gorgeous! The cream puffs looks wonderful too!. Thanks for popping by.

  4. What a wonderful tea party idea, and so well done! I'd love you to come and link to Tuesday Cuppa Tea...your lovely post would be a wonderful addition! Your theme is so beautifully carried out! I love it!

  5. Thank you so much for inviting us to tea! Your tea table is so beautiful and the tea tray so lovely!

  6. I'm so happy to be invited to this stunning tea time table with the Carrousel and gorgeous dishes and teacups. Yummy sweets too!

  7. What a lovely and whimsical tea table set with a carousel! The china is gorgeous and your treats look wonderful. You put a lot of effort into your setting and we are so happy you invited us to join you! Thank you for coming to Tea Time and have a beautiful day.


  8. This is so beautiful and whimsical! The German porcelain is lovely. The scarf you put on the table is gorgeous. Hermes?? And so wonderful to have the special tea pot! What a gift! How perfect to have a tea named "Carnival."

    I see you are a new blogger. So am I. wish you the very best on your blogging journey!

  9. Very lovely, I hope to have friends over for a tea party soon!!!

  10. Oh my gosh, this is so NEAT!!!! I wish we were neighbors!!


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