Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tea Review--Carnival Tea

Carnival Tea was a Christmas gift I received and I was instantly intrigued by its was telling me to come up with a themed tea party to use it in!

My aunt bought this tea at Everything Tea in Bedford, PA.  I really enjoy trying teas from different small outfits.  Sometimes you find the most interesting blends that way! 

Like carnival tea for example.  Unfortunately it is no longer on the company's website, so it is apparently not available at the moment (at least on the web).  The tea is a black tea with colorful round sprinkles mixed it.

The Carnival tea tastes fruity and is naturally a bit sweet (probably because of the sprinkles).  I enjoyed it with a bit more sweetener, but I like my tea very sweet. 

This cup and saucer is  by Weimar Porzellan and is the Dora pattern (in gold and white, I have seen this pattern in other colors).  It has flowers with red dots in the middle of each petal and lots of gold leaves, scroll work, and lattice.  I really liked the fancy handle and the detail around the cup--you can see a bit of it where the bowl of the cup meets the foot in the picture below.


  1. Hi Carrie,

    Your teacup is just divine and I bet your carnival tea was delicious. I would just love to sit and sip with you. I also noticed your gorgeous tablescape in your prior post. Very elegant!

  2. this is a stunning tea cup. We have a little tea shop in our town too, but I'm not very adventurous, usually sticking with the plain strong black teas. I will have to branch out, your tea looks very fun, just like its name!


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