Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carrot Curry for dinner...tea

Today's Easter themed post is another of Numi's savory teas, Carrot Curry to be exact.  This tea is a decaffeinated green tea.

Numi's website describes the tea as follows:

"Be transported to the heart of India with the rich exotic flavors of curry, turmeric and ginger. Kissed by sweet carrots and bright cilantro, the earthy, vegetal and piquant notes are marvelously woven together into this full-bodied blend."

The tea comes in a tea bag and smells like vegetable broth.  I brewed the tea at least for 10 minutes and put a lid on the teacup while brewing.

The tea was not very good really.  It tasted like a weak vegetable broth without salt.  With salt it would be a bit better.  I couldn't really taste the carrot necessarily, but it was definitely better than the Fennel Spice one I tried previously.  I think this one would be good in soup.

This is the last of the two free sample Numi savory teas that I got from Wegman's, a local grocery store.  I was saving it for Easter (due to the carrots and bunny connection).
I went shopping in my parent's yard again yesterday and picked these beautiful hyachinth.  I forgot how beautiful they smell.  I definitely think I'll have to plant some next fall.   


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  1. Gorgeous flowers! I really like your idea of tea for broth or a soup base. I still need to try it!


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