Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Tea Cart

Sandi on her blog Rose Chintz Cottage suggested an Easter themed teatime this week,

so I figured this is the perfect time to share my teacart, which is all decked out for Easter.

Today I'm sharing a bunny tea!  I found the pink flower placemat at Homegoods and thought it would be pretty for the Easter cart. 

In the very front is my new bunny plate!  I almost didn't buy it, I was trying to have self control.  The self control lasted long enough for me to pick up dinner at Panera and then I stopped back at Homegoods on my way home (they are in the same shopping center).  I thought it was so cute and you can even see the design of its fur in the plate.

Behind the bunny plate there are two teacups--one for me and one for you!

This teacup with the multicolor flowers by Royal Grafton looks like spring.

   This teacup and saucer set with the small beanie baby bunny is Primrose by Royal Albert.

Below is a little bunny waterglobe I got from a neighbor many years ago.  Do you see the Easter eggs around the base and the little vest on the bunny?

In my little glass teapot, I have a special blend for you...
Robin eggs and Cadbury eggs! 


Finally, one last thing on the cart:

There are even bunnies (and chicks) in the flower arrangement.  I've always liked this little arrangement with its purple basket and purple plaid bow.  It's obvious the flowers are silk, but they are really old silk flowers...My mom made this arrangement in the 80s.  I remember it from when I was a kid.  I asked her if I could have it last year, and she gave it to me.

Before I sign off for tonight, I thought I would share a bit about my garden.  Last year I talked about planting a few daffodils in the woods behind my house, but I never got around to it in the fall.  When I looked out back recently, however, I saw this:

Loads of daffodils!  I did have one brief second when I thought to myself--wow, wild daffodils!!!!...but then I realized that my dad must have come over and planted them for me when I was at work one day.   He's a great dad :).

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Easter!
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  1. Hi Carrie,
    What a sweet Easter tea you've shared with is. I love both of your teacups. What a clever idea how you've decorated your teapot!!! I'm in love with those Cadbury eggs, and treat myself with a few every now and then. Your Mom's arrangement is so pretty and what a dear your Dad is!! Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Carri: Everything looks so cute! Love that bunny plate. Have a blessed Easter. Hugs, Martha

  3. Your teascape on the your tea table is just too cute. Some fun ideas here. I love the glass teapot with all the eggs. Pretty tea cups and adorable bunnies. How nice to have a Dad who likes to garden. Happy Spring. Happy Easter. Happy Tea Day!

  4. Hi Carrie,
    Love your bunny plate and the teapot filled with eggs. Your teacups are so pretty and perfect for Easter. Now about those daffodils among the trees; that's just my style. How lovely and so very sweet of your Dad to plant them for you! What a beautiful sight! Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for tea. Happy Easter, Carrie!


  5. Love your gorgeous teacups and bunnies! Self control is tough when there's something that screams at you! The teapot with eggs is a great idea! And I love the flower placemat. So perfect for spring. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Happy Easter!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your spring field of bulbs. What a great dad you have! And that bunny plate would probably have screamed at me too!

  7. A wonderful tea table and the bunny plate you found is awesome. Lucky you to have a woodland area to let daffodils naturalize in. I hope you're share the same view in another couple of years.

  8. Your Dad is super - do you loan him out? What a fun Easter table too!

  9. I am just so touched by the fact that your dad may have come by and secretly planted daffodils for you! OH, how sweet and kind!
    Your tea cart is dressed up perfectly for Easter. I love that you put the colored candy eggs in the clear tea pot! That looks fab! And your two tea cups are very lovely for springtime. The bunny plate so cute! No wonder you had to go back for it.
    Happy Easter!

  10. How pretty you have set your tea cart for the party! The new bunny plate is precious on the flower place mat. I love both of you teacups and saucers with the spring flower patterns. Have a wonderful spring enjoying your garden!


  11. Darling setting. I have the same placemats--so fun! How thoughtful of your father to plant flowers for you.


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