Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sip and Paint

Yesterday I went with a few friends to a Sip and Paint class.  During this three hour class an instructor showed us how to paint a predetermined picture.  I have no painting experience and I still managed to paint this picture:

One of my friends had gone to an earlier event at a studio in Centreville, VA called FR Designs and had really enjoyed it.  When she saw that they were offering a Groupon she let us all know--and the rest is history!  The class was a lot of fun and was something different to try.

Now for the tenuous tea tie-ins!  It's a "bring your own beverage" event.  While one of my friends brought wine for us all to share (which made the class all the more fun), you could make it a tea event, and bring a thermos of tea to share with your friends.

Also, the picture is of trees in fall, so I'm adding a bit of spring to balance it out, as well as a teacup for more of a tea tie-in! The little bud vase with the blue flowers my mom found in a thrift store.  I didn't do a good job of cutting the purple hyacinth, so it looks a little funny in the vase, but it smells wonderful.  Also in this picture are some daffodils from my backyard (more on that tomorrow) and my daffodil cup and saucer.

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