Thursday, April 3, 2014

Savory scones

Today I went to Au Bon Pain (or ABP as some of my co-workers call it) for lunch with a work friend. ABP is a bakery/café. While I was wandering around trying to figure out what I wanted, I saw that they were offering a new savory scone.  I have never tried a savory scone, although I keep the recipes I get from Tea Time.  I thought this was a good opportunity to try one and, at the same time, review one of ABP's scones!

This is a bacon & cheese scone.  If you look closely, you can also see little green flecks, which I think are probably chives--there was a faint oniony taste.  Here it is cut in half so you can have a better look.

I heated it up and put some butter on it.  It was delicious and tasted like breakfast in a scone!  Granted, I'm a fan of pretty much anything with bacon and cheese in it.  Next time I do a brunch tea, I will have to seriously think about making something like this.  It had the crumbly texture of a scone and even a slightly sweet aftertaste (very slight).

This week we had a mismatched tea party with a savory Fennel Spice tea and giant bacon and cheese scones.  This was my walk on the wild side!

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  1. Your scone looked good. I make cheese scones all the time -- warm from the oven, slathered with butter, they are great for tea. And the Brits often make cheese scones as well.


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