Monday, May 19, 2014

Blue and Yellow Tea

I'll be taking a little break from blogging this week, but I wanted to join everyone for the Tuesday tea parties first.  My theme for this week is a Blue and Yellow tea inspired by my hydrangeas

and a new tea I bought by Harney and Sons appropriately named Yellow & Blue.

Harney's website describes as follows:  "Our Yellow and Blue herbal blend is a floral rapture including chamomile, lavender, and corn flowers. People find this caffeine free blend to be very relaxing."  In the sachet bag above you can see the yellow chamomile flowers and the blue of the cornflowers.

The tea is very mild and tastes of chamomile with a slight hint of lavender.  I agree that the tea is relaxing--it is wonderful to have right before bed to unwind.  The tea has a slight green caste, which appropriately goes with the tea's name.

This is my first outdoor tea of the season--the woods outback have filled out and my back yard looks lush and green (at least for now!). 

I have two hydrangea bushes potted this year:

Today's tea is a nice relaxing tea (I am having the Yellow & Blue tea after all) for one on my deck out back.

My neighbor shared some homemade (and delicious) blueberry muffins with me, that I am enjoying with this tea:

You can see a bit of my blue and pink tea themed tray underneath the plate.  The china is Royal Stafford and is called Caroline, which is my full name.  I really enjoy finding new "Caroline" patterns to add to my collection.

I hope everyone has a great week!  I will be sharing this tea with:

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  1. Ooh Carrie, I love your pretty deck and the setting. It's some inviting and perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea and a muffin. The tea blend sounds perfect for unwinding. I just LOVE your potted hydrangeas. They are gorgeous! xo

  2. I enjoyed your tea themed posting. I also plant some hydrangeas in pots on my deck as you do. Love the blue!

  3. What a pretty setting for your tea time, Carrie! I love the blue hydrangeas. Your tea looks wonderful and very colourful. Your china is lovely too. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your break.


  4. Hello Carrie,
    Your deck tea is very pretty with your hydrangeas and all the fresh new greenery. The Caroline pattern is so vibrant and pretty! How fab that it matches your name : )
    Have a good break.

  5. I just planted some hydrangas in one of my gardens. Can't have them on my deck because it is covered and too dark. But they look nice in the near by yard. Your blue ones are beautiful.

  6. I have not seen blue and yellow hydrangea, but love the colour combo. The seating area on your deck is cozy and enviable - love it!

  7. What a lovely space. Very inviting. I enjoyed the pretty hydrangea. Such an elegant flower.


  8. Lovely hydrangeas - one of my favorites - and a perfect inspiration for teatime. I love my chamomile and lavender tea in the evening, too - but the cornflower is fascinating! How grand to have such an elegant deck teatime. I must plan one for myself soon, too!

  9. Blue & white & yellow, my all-time favorite color combinations. Classic !

    Your outdoor setting is inviting . It must be a treat for you to be able to step outdoors and take in such beauty .

  10. Hi Carrie,
    Your deck and patio furniture is so beautiful! I love those hydrangeas. What a gorgeous colour! Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful weekend! Karen


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