Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pooja's bridal tea--sandwich course


The sandwich course started with a layered roast beef sandwich with white and pumpernickel bread.  If I do a similar sandwich again, I will use wheat for the middle instead of pumpernickel, which was too dark--it looked a bit like a hamburger unfortunately and also detracted from all the colors in the sandwich.  I bought yellow and red tomatoes to go on the top layer followed by the pumpernickel bread and on the bottom was the roast beef and a piece of fancy lettuce.  
 (picture taken by co-host Amanda)
The roast beef sandwich had House Dressing as its sauce from the The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, VA. 

The cheese shop is a famous sandwich (and cheese) shop in Colonial Williamsburg within walking distance of the College of William and Mary, where Pooja, Amanda, and I met and, more importantly for the tea, where Pooja and her husband Nathan met.

The next "sandwich" is an egg salad in phyllo cups.  I garnish my egg salad with paprika and curled parsley.

(picture by Amanda)
The Indian inspired sandwich was a curry chicken on mini croissants.  Curry spice is popular in Indian cooking.
(picture by Amanda)
The final sandwich, cucumber, was served canapé style on sliced French baguette with onion and chive cream cheese spread.  I bought flower shaped fondant cutters to make the cucumber pieces flower shaped.

(Picture by Amanda)
I served the sandwiches in the dining room on my "formal" dinner plates in various patterns.  I thought it looked pretty and made it easier for Amanda and I to serve the sandwiches to the large table.  I served the sandwiches to the small table on small silver platters---you can see a bit of one of them in the top right of the picture.
I was pretty sick that weekend (isn't that always the way it happens) and Amanda ended up making all of the sandwiches so I wouldn't breath on them.  I definitely couldn't have done it without her help!  


  1. The sandwiches are so pretty. At first, I thought they were cookies! xoxo

  2. The food looks fabulous, Carrie. I'm sure the bride was so pleased with all that you did.


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