Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disney Tea Ideas

While in Disney, I became enamored and inspired by all the Mickey themed foods in the parks.  A Disney themed tea may show up at some point on the blog :).  Maybe I could have a Minnie cookie at the tea?  This cookie was (surprisingly) a spice cookie.  Definitely a good choice.

  Next, how about a cake pop?

The cakepops on the top shelf in the picture are Maleficent.  Adding villains to the mix would definitely be cool!

Candied applies were everywhere and in all different Disney themed shapes.  There were Mickeys and Minnies and Monsters from Monsters Inc., in the picture below,

Sorcerer Mickey, Maleficent, and Olaf (from Frozen) are below.  I ate a Maleficent--it was delicious, with caramel under all the chocolate and the horns were rice crispy treats!

And still more!  Do you see the Cheshire cat and Kermit?  Maybe if I found really small apples I could do one for a tea...

Now, this rice krispie treat is Mickey shaped and ginormous! 

Or maybe a cookies and cream cupcake with oreos as Mickey ears? 
The cupcake picture was taken at the Disney resort my family stayed at, but more on that in a bit because first let me share a staple of any Disney trip and a perfect choice for a Disney themed brunch:

I had these classics at the eatery in the Disney Resort Pop Century were we stayed.

The room was nice:
and was near a pool.
We were staying in the "1950s."  In addition to bowling and poodle skirts, our section of the hotel also had huge lady and the tramp statutes.


I think our time in Disney World has come to a close (just like mine did last week).  Thanks for bearing with the only slight tea references dropped in here and there this past week! 

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  1. I love the idea of a Disney themed tea party--I love everything Disney. I'll take a cake pop please!


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