Saturday, June 7, 2014

Old Town Manassas & Train Festivals

Tonight I'm enjoying some delicious kettle corn while I sip a cup of the Blue and Yellow tea (left over from a couple of tea parties ago). I picked up the popcorn at the Manassas (Virginia) Train Festival held today.  The festival was a little disappointing compared to some others I have attended, but there were a couple of interesting highlights, most of all a collection of model train sets that included this gem:

(Godzilla!  If you look closely at his mouth, you can see how he has made the town his personal snack)
After the festival I went to one of my favorite shops that happened to be located nearby, The Things I Love.  The owner has created a truly lovely shop, and the best part is it includes a tearoom!  I have never been to tea there (hopefully later this summer I can go and share it with all of you), but I like to stop in at least once per season as the décor changes.  While there today, I saw this beautiful table that immediately set me daydreaming about tea parties:
This isn't even the tea room portion of the shop--I don't want to spoil it for everyone.  The paper lanterns are such a cool touch!  Now I'm trying to figure out how I can do that without putting holes in my ceiling or having them be in the way.  But the many different colors definitely make for an unforgettable setting!  

Even the candle stick holders are bright and multi-colored with mini-lanterns to match.  The tablecloth underneath I would have never matched with all these colors, and yet it's wonderful!

 On my way out of the shop, I saw this lovely white wicker tea table:

Definitely a successful trip for new ideas.

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