Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Adventures--Occoquan, Virginia

Occoquan (which means "at the end of the water," in the language of the Algonquian Native Americans) is a small town located on the Occoquan River.

Occoquan dates to around 1734 and was an important colonial port, with a grist mill and tobacco warehouses established in the town by 1765.  Today Occoquan is a quaint town with shops, restaurants, and beautiful homes.   
I'm so ready for fall, and the shops in Occoquan must of agreed with me--they had Halloween decorations out!  We started this trip at the first group of shops in a newer building near the public parking. 

 In this group of shops, there are two I really enjoy.  Serindipity of Occoquan is a terrific gift and home accessory shop. 


Next we visited The Irish Collection.  This shop had a beautiful selection of Belleek, including the pretty two tiered tray below,
and this really cute teapot.  Unfortunately, Belleek is so expensive!  I would have loved to take these home with me.


After visiting these two stores, we walked up the street, pass the pretty Gazebo below that was being readied for a bridal party later that day,

and a group of pretty Neo-Victorian homes, some of which are still being built.  These are the best of all worlds--they look like pretty Victorians, but are brand new!


 Across the street is my favorite store--The Golden Goose.
This is a Christmas store (yes, we've now gone from summer, to Halloween, to Christmas in a few hundred feet!).
(Tree of the world)

(one of the Christmas villages--with a Santa mug house!  Unfortunately it says Hot Cocoa, but wouldn't it be a great tea room)

(Downton Abbey Tree!)
In a little room off to the side, the store also sells Halloween stuff,
including Department 56.

From here, we continued up the street until we reached Poplar Alley, and walked under the arbor,

passed a teacup bird feeder,

Teacup flower pots (including Blue Willow!) in the windowsill of  a jewelry store

in the basement of...
The Pink Bicycle Tea Room!

Yes, Occoquan even has a tearoom!  Unfortunately I didn't stop there today for tea--I'll have to go back another time so I can share the experience with you!
After finding the pink bicycle we walked back to the main street and found a gourmet shop in a building dating to 1790 having wine tastings,
Past a few more shops

(isn't this building cute?!)

(a window display of a sandcastle)

(more Halloween--this time fashion accessories!)

(A bakery specializing in cupcakes.  Of course I'm a big fan of their logo--a teacup full of cupcake!)

(the window display of a Bridal Boutique with a dress embellished with roses--so beautiful!)
After walking back up the street, we stopped at a seafood place for a wonderful late lunch.  I am so ready for fall after seeing all those beautiful Halloween displays!

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