Friday, August 15, 2014

Antiquing in Lucketts, VA

Lucketts, Virginia is located just over the Potomac River from Maryland on U.S. Route 15 and is very northern Virginia.  Lucketts is known for its antiques, but this is the first time I have stopped and check out the stores for myself.  The most memorable one (at least to me) is in an old repurposed barn.  The old grain silo has been painted pink with black polka dots.  Definitely great advertising! 

This stop had several outbuildings as well as the old farmhouse, all offering goodies for viewing.  I found a couple tea related things in the barn itself:

(This was a fancy tea cart with brass wheels and edging around the tray as well as inlays.  It was a bit too fancy for me, but definitely very pretty!)
One of the outbuildings was devoted to vintage clothing, including vintage hats:

From here we drove a couple of miles up the road to the next antique store, the Old Lucketts Store
This stop also had loads of outbuildings as well as two houses to look through.  They were both old Victorian Houses I would guess based on how they were inside.  One was probably a farmhouse at one time.  My favorite antique stores are the ones in old homes, especially Victorians with all their nooks and crannies!
(one of the outbuildings)
(a whole bunch of outbuildings full of goodies)

(pretty gardens)
We went in the house below first.  This house had beautiful jewelry and other fashion goodies.
Even before entering the house there was a rack of hats:
By this point I was overwhelmed with all the different places, and I forgot to get a picture of the Old Luckett Store itself--it is the green building in the background behind the hats.  This store had everything--vintage clothes, linens, china, some furniture,
(including this pretty wrought iron tea cart)
and some pretty silverplate.
My newest "easter egg" I'm looking for as a part of my antiquing hunt is an assortment of different vintage silverplate teaspoons.  I love mismatched tea trios on a table, and I think different vintage spoons would be a fun addition.  I haven't bought any spoons yet, but I enjoy the search!


  1. I would love to take a road trip there. I could kick myself, as last summer hubs and I drove through 10 states in 7 days - had to drive to NJ shore for a family wedding and made a big trip of it, visiting DC and all the way down to the Vanderbilt mansion BILTMORE - we soooo could have continued further and enjoyed more. Hopefully there's another fun road trip like that in our future. I had yet to visit Charleston, maybe then. Charleston next on my bucket list for the US visits.

    Good luck with finding lovely spoons. Ebay has always been a fun easy inexpensive source for me with silverplate treasures. : - )

  2. Lots of neat treasures to look through. We don't have near the antiques available out in the country where I live for there were no big estates or fancy china etc. used. Poor pioneers made up our ancestors.


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