Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Winchester Fun

After having a great time at the Apple tea, my mother and I went to a favorite antique store in Winchester.  I saw some great teacups:

I managed to refrain from buying any, but I did get a couple of cream soups for a good price so I would have about ten or so.  Obviously my new area of interest is serving a soup at my next tea--we'll see what happens!  I actually don't usually buy teacups--they have to be a terrific deal.  My collecting "habit" is three piece sets (tea trios).

When I was walking down from the upstairs room and I also saw this chandelier:

It's teacups and saucers!  This would be adorable in a tearoom.


  1. Attending a real tea, creates a desire for seeing more teacups. Your first photos is a Royal Albert cup. In the second photo (on far left) are two Paragon cups which display the lovely flower design at bottom of cup. Oh my on the teacup chandelier. Trios are nice, but can be a challenge to find at reasonable prices.

  2. OMG ..You do have such grand teatime experiences in that part of the world... Love all those gorgeous cups... and who wouldn't enjoy drinking tea in the light of that c whimsical chandelier... So creative.. I think I shall make myself a cup of ' Apple tea" ..Good idea !!!! Hugs

  3. Hi: I so want to make a chandelier out of tea cups. I think it would be beautiful for my outside setting area. Thanks for sharing this fun day with us. Blessings, Martha


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