Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tea Concentrate

I was asked to share the tea concentrate from the Apple Harvest Tea and Aunt Becky was nice enough to give me the recipe, so here you go! 

To make the concentrate (and remember, this is for very large tea parties):

75 Servings:

3 Quarts boiling water
75 teabags

Make concentrate in usual manner:

·       Steep 4-5 minutes for black tea

·       Steep 3 minutes for green tea

Strain, stir and keep it warm (Aunt Becky just put a tea towel over it and that worked well enough for the Apple Harvest tea).
To make tea from the concentrate, put about 2 tablespoon of concentrate in the teapot for each cup of hot water .  The recipe said a 4 cup teapot = 1/4 cup of Concentrate, and a 5 cup teapot = 1/2 cup of Concentrate.  It is better to err on the side of slightly weaker tea than too strong of a tea.
This reminds me of how tea is made using a samovar--it is definitely a similar concept.  For more about samovars, check out my write up on tea in Russia found here.

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