Monday, October 27, 2014

Something Wicked this way comes--for tea!

 Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
    Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
        Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

~Shakespeare, Macbeth


My caldron is bubbling, and something wicked has come--a "Wicked Tea"!  Witches only, of course.
Please leave your brooms by the door,
and pick a setting.  I have five place settings for this tea each with a Halloween themed goblet that match the color scheme of the plates:
First an orange theme (with a pumpkin goblet of course),
Next, green (with a green spider goblet),
Gold with skulls (on the doily on the plate and on the goblet!),
Blood red (and a black widow spider),

Finally the last set is another orange theme (with a pumpkin on the goblet and a black spider doily).

Here is a closer look at the menu for this tea and the jack o'lantern favor (filled with a modified tea bag and candy):
Let me fill your cup with Pumpkin Chai tea from my new pumpkin tea pot:

Tea starts with Witches' Brew from my boiling caldron, a pumpkin soup.
(The soup is in my French Elite Works cream soups with green flowers)
Next for the savories:
(Wicked cucumber, bat wings with pimento cheese, spider eggs, and jack o'lantern pies with ham and cheese)

I'm serving two types of scones on the bottom layer:

(Maple walnut and cranberry pumpkin)
I'm serving scones with clotted cream and apple butter.

(these green depression glasses were my grandmother's.  My mom calls them soapbox glass because grandmother got them in boxes of soap!)

I hope you saved room, because there is still dessert!
(witches hats, brooms, hazelnut chocolate frogs and apple salted caramel cupcakes)

As we dine, spiders dance on webs above and a raven perches and watches.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
“Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou," I said, “art sure no craven,
Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore—
Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”
               Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

The Raven ~ Edgar Allen Poe

Check back later this week for recipes, more about the tea served, and some of the "crafty" elements of the tea.  One of my guests was gluten free, so the top of each of the tiered trays had gluten free foods, the recipes for which I will be showing later this week as well.
Tuesday:  Pumpkin Chai Tea
Monday (11/3):  Gluten Free
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  1. Fabulous! You did a wonderful job! Gorgeous seasonal colors and I love your menu! Very creative! The pumpkin teapot is wonderful! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Lovely! Nothing like hosting a dark tea.... ;)
    Everything is lovely; clotted cream and appe butter? SOLD!

  3. How cute! Your goodies look delish - and your new pumpkin teapot is wonderful!

  4. Bewitching! I love your spider web tiered! Your teapot is lovely :)

  5. What a party, Carrie! What fun it would be to sit at your table and enjoy all your delicious treats that you prepared. You have some lucky guests! Happy Halloween!

  6. I would love a bowl or cup of your pumpkin soup; love it! I like your pretty china patterns and your cute teapot. A very creative tea table, Carrie. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea.


  7. Love that pumpkin tea pot. What a fun table you have set.

  8. Hi: Your table looks wonderful, but I love your tea pot the best. I have never seen one like it before. Wow! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Loved every bit of this tea.( I'd be hoping for that lovely orange place setting.) That pumpkin tea pot is FABULOUS! And I love your chandy

  10. Awesome tea! Love all of your fun menu! Thanks for sharing!


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