Sunday, November 23, 2014

Conservatory at the Biltmore

The next day in Asheville began tea and scones!

These raspberry and blueberry scones were part of the complementary breakfast at our hotel.  I was (obviously) really excited to see scones on the menu.

After breakfast, we headed back towards the Biltmore to see more of the grounds.  Our first day there it was too cold to stay outside much and we wanted to make sure we saw the Conservatory.

The Conservatory is basically a large hot house, with many tropical plants inside.  It is surrounded by the formal gardens of the estate, which were pretty dead due to the cold, but the outside was festooned with pretty natural wreaths.

When we went inside, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful flowers all around.  I was particularly excited because we hadn't realized that there would be so many plants.
First, were the Christmas poinsettias in pinks, reds, and whites,


(poinsettia with a bird of paradise!)
as well as festive amaryllis. 

There were also hibiscus decorated for Christmas
(these plants would never see real snowflakes!)
and gorgeous displays of orchids:

I would love to just sit among the flowers for an afternoon tea!  Maybe even at one of these chairs?

We did walk up to the gardens but there wasn't much to see.  I did get a pretty shot of the house above some red leaves:


  1. Oh I love the Biltmore Conservatory! As I shared, we went in June - so the hothouse was hot : - ) But he best part of going when we did was all the grounds' roses were in peak season and full bloom. It was amazing.

    We didn't have scones, next time I will look into that I love them!

  2. I've been reading your last couple of posts as well and have enjoyed seeing your trip to the Biltmore.


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