Friday, December 5, 2014

Carrie's Tea Room and a visit to Christmas Town

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have a couple of places where "tea" themed decorations have crept in.  One of those places is in my Christmas Village.

My mom bought this village for me at Dollar Tree, oh, probably ten years ago when I was still in college.  I love Christmas decorations and I was really excited to get this little village.  I displayed it under a Christmas bush (a small Christmas tree that was more squat than tree-like, thus the bush moniker) on the kitchen table in my apartment, after I propped the bush up with a box, of course.  The village also traveled with me to law school, where it was placed in the large windowsill in my apartment.  Now I get to enjoy it in my newest home...and share it with you!   

Here is our next stop, Christmas town, via the Virginia Railway.  The Hotel is right next to the station, if you would like to drop off your overnight bag first? 

Santa is already in town, and some locals are putting the finishing touches on the decorations before tonight's big tree lighting!

On the other side of the fire station is Carrie's Tea Rooms, my little piece of tea heaven. Tea parties are every Monday, but you can stop by for a cup of tea and a snack any day of the week!   

Oh, look out for the horse and carriage!  The town is giving out free rides at tonight's party.

There is a little ice rink on the lawn in front of the church if you want to go and watch the skaters, or we could even try it out ourselves.  I have never mastered it, but I can give it another try!  The Christmas tree is right by the rink, ready for everyone in town to bring an ornament to decorate it. 

Before I sign off for the night, let's take a quick step back.  Here is a picture of the entire alcove in my front entry/dining room:

This china cabinet belonged to my grandmother.  I have been using it to store my music box collection since I was a child.  At one point it even had my first set of dishes, but now I have more music boxes to display, so they have taken over. 

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  1. I have fallen in love with your Christmas Village. How fun it must be to set this all up; and to look at again and again. I bet you always notice new things every time you set it up. Your Grandmothers China Cabinet is so pretty and fits perfectly in your alcove. And so many pretty music boxes!


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)