Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st and a Tea Tree

This week I thought I would share some of the tea related Christmas decorations that I have put up.  My house is a mess still because I haven't quite put everything back yet, but pretty much everything is up and done--except for the kitchen, I'm still working out some kinks.

This entire month my weekly tea party will feature a different tree in my house--I'm one of those crazy people who does multiple trees in different on to the first one!

This year I moved my Tea Tree to a different location where it is more noticeable, and added a few new goodies.

I figured we could start at the top with my doctored angel.
I bought a small angel ornament at Michaels and removed the ribbon and other things that were in her hands and replaced it with a miniature teacup.  I just used a glue dot to attach it, and ta-dah!

I have only been collecting tea ornaments for a couple of years and last year was the first time I had enough to put them all on a themed tree.  Some of the teacups and teapots are from places I've visited:

(the teapot in the middle top has a picture of the  Biltmore in Asheville, NC  and the teacup almost directly under that is from Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC)

(The teapot and teacup above are of Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington in Alexandria, Virginia)
Some ornaments have writing:

 (Christmas is a magical time of year!)
others are miniatures of famous patterns.

One was a gift from a tea guest, she saw the ornament and bought it for me because she had such a good time at a Christmas tea she attended the year before.


I also have a couple with international flair with Irish shamrocks and Dutch Delft:

Most of the ornaments are teacups or teapots, but I have found a couple of "different" things, including the gold teaspoon in the bottom of the picture above with a teapot handle,

a creamer and sugar,

(I would love to have this chintz set in real life!  If you look in the bottom left of the picture you can see a tea cup with two bears on the saucer--they are having tea themselves, complete with a tiny teapot!)
a teapot tea strainer,

and a cross stitch ornament I made myself.
Thanks for starting your December with me!  I'm joining these tea parties this week:
Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage
Bernideen's Friends Sharing Tea



  1. What a delightful tree! So many lovely little teacups and teapots on it. And, of course, the angel smiling down on everything, enjoying her cup of tea too. Just beautiful Carrie!

  2. An adorable tea tree! Very cleverly arranged. Will you be having a Christmas tea this year?

  3. What a wonderful tea tree, Carrie! The ornaments are so special and the angel that you enhanced with a teacup is adorable!

  4. I just LOVE your tea! Great idea with your angel topper. Perfect! So many memories and so many cups of tea! Wonderful! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Love that tea cup tree! I can't wait to see the others. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  6. This is a pretty little tree. I love that your angel even has a teacup!

  7. What a fun idea, a tea tree! Love the white tree with the ornaments. I have so many tea ornaments but they get lost on the large tree. Thanks for sharing, and have a happy holiday season.

  8. What a wonderful tree! I love all the tiny tea things you've found to decorate it with. That's a cool idea to add a teacup to the angel. I love that chintz pattern, too. Happy Tea Day, Michelle

  9. Carrie, your teacup tree is adorable! Your have some very sweet pieces and the angel holding her teacup is a delightful touch! I have done teacup trees in the past but this year I simply put them on my big tree. I used to do multiple trees too but this year, I have only three. I have the big one in the living room and two little ones in the family room and den. I look forward to seeing your other trees. Thanks for joining me for tea.


  10. Lovely! I am so drawn to the white trees lately and this one is especially precious with all of the tea-related ornaments.

  11. A couple of friends have tea themed trees and I like yours too. It's nice if the ornament has special meaning from a visited place. Good alteration with the angel topper, you'd never know she didn't come holding the teacup.

  12. SO cute Carrie..

    Your tea tree is really setting the Christmas teatime mood for the season.. and all the little ornaments are so unique and special ..I love it !!!.... Ha Ha >> How sweet is that little teacup in the topper Angels hand.. Brilliant idea ..and you've given me my smile for the day ...Hugs

  13. Beautiful Christmas Tree. Love the theme of a Tea Time Tree. Beautiful ornaments. Something I would love to do someday.


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)