Sunday, December 7, 2014

Having tea in Dicken's Village

The next (and last bit) of my tea related décor is, appropriately enough, on my tea cart.

There is also a Christmas teapot that goes on the trivet on the cart, but I will save that for another day. 

I have two Christmas tea houses, the Canton tea house (I love the Asian inspired portico complete with handing lanterns on the English cottage!):

and the English tea room:
The patroness of the English tea room also has a portable cart so she can take tea out about the town.  If you look really closely, written on the side of the cart says "You are cordially invited to attend a Tea in the Afternoon in the custom of Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford."  Such great little touches!  


  1. I love your blog. Your home is beautiful.

  2. Love both of your Tea Houses and the portable cart. What great things to set out for Christmas. Look forward to seeing your Christmas Tea Pot.


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)