Monday, December 8, 2014

Herbal teas and sweet dreams

While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads

This week's tea is extra sweet--as is my confections tree which is the inspiration for this tea.  This tree is set up in the breakfast nook area of my kitchen in my big picture window.  My kitchen has a sweets theme, down to the snowflake shaped candies hanging in the windows on either side of the tree.   

Candies, cookies, cupcakes, and other goodies cover the tree, with a large  star-like snowflake cookie serving as the tree topper.   Here are a few of my favorite ornaments:

(A gingerbread girl and boy in teacups!  Just perfect.)

Anyone for a cup of tea?   

My Christmas Sweets teapot matches Santa's candy cane striped coat and sleigh!  Today's teacup is the classic Christmas tree pattern by Spode. 

I have the perfect tea to serve in the Christmas Sweets teapot--Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice!

 (See one of my stuffed Gingerbread men looking on?  He definitely approves!)

I have a hard time walking past stuffed gingerbread men (and women) during this time of year...they are so addicting!  I'll share a picture of some of the rest of my gingerbread decorations later this week. 

I thought spiced cookies would be a perfect match to a spiced tea.  These cookies are pebbernodders, with all sorts of spices mixed in.  I made these for a holiday party at work and I'll share the recipe later this week. 

Here is one more picture of the tree, before I say goodnight:

The children were nestled, all snug in their beds,

which sounds like a good idea to me!  Goodnight!

I'm joining these tea parties this week:

Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage
Bernideen's Friends Sharing Tea


  1. So pretty. I love that tea cup ornament! My daughter loves that tea too. xoxo Have you tried the Tevana gingerbread tea? It's so good, but pricey.

  2. What a wonderfully "sweet" Christmas tree! I love it! And everything is so lovely. Great theme for a kitchen/dining room area. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. I love looking at Christmas trees and all the special ornaments.. I too bought a gingerbread tea...from Tevana ...It's delicious .... but I'd love to try one of your cookies with my tea please... YUMMY .... Hugs

  4. I am loving your little sweets tree! Your ornaments are adorable. I was right into gingerbread too at one time and couldn't get enough of them. The trouble is our home is smaller than what we were used to and so I can't use all of my decorations any longer. So, I will enjoy having a peek at yours. It whisks one away to their childhood which is one of the fun things about this season. We all get to feel like children again! Thank you for sharing your adorable tree and joining me for tea.


  5. Oh, I forgot to mention how cute your teapot is. And the teacup is wonderful. I have four Christmas mugs in that same pattern.

  6. Love the candy cane tree, the confectionary tree, the gingerbread house, and especially your teapot! I love the little teacup with the gingerbread man on your tree. Lovely!

  7. What a fun and festive little tree! Love that your gingerbread man approves of the tea! It must make you smile every time you walk into your kitchen.
    I'm wondering if your cookie is like a pfeffernusse, with black pepper and other spices? Those are delicious. We just discovered them last year.

  8. Such a pretty and fun Christmas Tree. Love your Gingerbread and Candy Land Theme. Your tea and cookies look like a great Tea Time Treat.

  9. This tree, in fact the whole vignette is simply adorable Carrie. I'll have to show your photos to my 11 year old granddaughter, she'll love it.

  10. That is the cutest tree! My grandchildren would just love to see it. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  11. The ornaments on your tree are so CUTE!! I love that teapot too and the cookies look pretty good!!!!!

  12. I love everything about your post, from the ornaments on the tree to the darling teapot! It is just so cute how you've coordinated it all. Do you like the gingerbread tea? I've been tempted to buy some. I love your Spode teacup, too. I just bought a set for my youngest DIL for her Christmas gift.


Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day :)