Monday, January 12, 2015

First snow

Last week we had the first snow of 2015, which inspired this week's tea party of frosty blue on a blanket of white.

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan,
Stood hard as iron,
water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.
~Christina Rossetti
I especially like to walk among the sleeping trees in the half-lit silence of winter dawns. The trail I follow winds and twists, new patches of mixed woodland appearing at every turn. That morning, I reached a point where the path turns sharply left to follow a small ravine. In spring, ephemeral ponds—lively with salamanders, loud with frogs—form in the creases of the forest there. But in frozen winter, I expected nothing beyond silence and wind.

So I did not see them at first, three deer beside three empty larches. When I made them out—gray-dun hides against a gray-dun world—they were motionless, white tails aloft like flags of distress. I stopped in my tracks, thinking how lucky I was to meet the animal my Celtic forebears called the spirit of wildness on that auspicious day."

-   Patricia Monaghan,
Singing with Deer


'I am the Winter Flower'
she said
'the opposite of the Summer Ones.'

'My blooms
peak in deep snow
and I weather
hail, sleet and bitter cold.

My Summer Kin
know the Sun.

I live beneath
White Winter's Glow
blizzard wind
as furies blow.

~Lonnie Hicks, An Icicle Kiss
I was obviously having a lot of fun with quotes this week.  This teacup is Queen Anne.  I found it in a thrift store for $5, which I thought was a pretty good buy!  My house is still full of Christmas decorations that I am in the process of taking down.  I'm always a bit sad after Christmas--the decorations just serve as a reminder that I have to wait a whole year until it is December again.  The cold and snow aren't helping much, but at least they bring home that its now January!   
Thanks for visiting!  I'm joining the following tea parties this week:
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  1. Your teacup is simply gorgeous. Five dollars is a Steal!!! You did have fun with your quotes. I enjoyed them too. Thank you, Ruthie

  2. You certainly are having a good time! First snow?! Little bit jealous here where we have been freezing and shoveling for aaaages.

  3. A pretty tea table for your first snowy tea and the teacup is lovely.

  4. Lovely tea cup, and I liked the words about the deer.... we have them visit our yard quite often and I am amazed we are able to see them up so close.

  5. Your teacup is a beauty. I rarely find one for five dollars. Love how you have set it on the lacy edged plate with the snowflake; very pretty! And I love the quotes. We have been getting fresh snow since yesterday. My world is blanketed in white, pretty, but not fun to drive in. Thanks for joining me for tea.


  6. Love the teacup's pretty shade of blue...and its bargain price!

  7. Beautiful tea cup. Perfect for a snowy day. Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings, Martha

  8. What a lovely teacup... I love the flowers and the color... and I love the silver snow flake that you have on it as well. The quotes are so beautiful, they brighten my day. Thank you for posting.

  9. P.S. Thanks to the Tea Time Tuesday link up, I found your blog :-) What a great link-up!

  10. Oh my!

    Your blog is just lovely.

    Warm and inviting, like a hot cup of tea.

    Blessings to you!


  11. Such a pretty tea cup and you have displayed it so well. Everything looks wintery; but then you have the beauty of the flowers on the tea cup. Very nice.

  12. I love this teacup. I love teacups with flowers on the inside of the cup.


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