Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Constant Comment

Hi everyone!  You've probably been wondering where I have been.  I'm going to be taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks--I should be back by the middle of May.  But first, I wanted to share the new constant comment box of teas I bought for work.

This box celebrates the 70th anniversary of Bigelow--and Constant Comment!  The box included an assortment of different pictures on the teabags to commemorate the growth of the company:

I really enjoyed the surprise and going through the different pictures.  Of course, what was inside was good too!

(yes, I still have my shamrock plant's doing so well in my window, I've just let it be for now.  Maybe I'll try and put it in a pot for summer!)
Instead of blogging last weekend, I started on my gardening for the summer. 
Unfortunately, I lost some pots last year, including some of my teacup pots.  Of course, I couldn't find new ones to replace them, so I had to make do with regular pots.  I'm trying a couple of different plants this year:
sweet basil,

and lemon balm!  Supposedly, it is good with tea :).
Here is one of my two remaining teacup pots--this one with the lavender I'm trying yet again.  I haven't had much luck in the past--maybe 3rd time's the charm?  

I was sad that I was too busy at work to visit the cherry blossoms during my lunch hour (see here for previous D.C. Cherry blossoms), so I'll just have to enjoy the one in my backyard that is finally getting a bit bigger :)  If you look closely, you can see my daffodils in the woods out back.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back in just a few weeks!


  1. Hi Carrie!

    I've seen some Bigelow teas around here, but not the Constant Comment which I would like to try out.

    Love the gorgeous cherry blossom tree! Your plants look so pretty in their bright coloured pots. Last year, I saw some teacup planters at Michaels so perhaps they'll carry them again this year?

    I'm afraid that I don't have much of a green thumb but I did try to grow some lemon balm indoors last month. Unfortunately, they didn't take--the seeds were 7-8 years old so I guess they weren't viable anymore?

    Enjoy your blogging break!

  2. How exciting to find all the tea bags with different pictures on them. Your garden is starting out well. I hope it grows and gives you lots of enjoyment. Fun to see all the different pots; sorry you lost some of your tea cup style. Your back yard looks wonderful with the blossoming trees and the flowers popping up from the ground. Look forward to your return.

  3. I was obsessed with Constant Comment years ago and drank it nearly every day. Fun to see the different pictures from the past.
    Look forward to reading your posts in a couple of weeks.
    Take care, Nora

  4. I do love Constant Comment and have a box right now, but not with the pictures like you have. Enjoy your blogging break!

  5. Constant Comment decaf is my favorite evening tea, and it's become my "signature" tea for serving at book club. Love all the old photos on those tea packages.
    Your plants and those cherry blossoms look so cheerful! Have a nice break!

  6. I will miss you. Hope your plants do well. Good luck at work.


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