Monday, July 20, 2015

An Afternoon Tea in Paris

Paris isn't for changing planes, it's... it's for changing your outlook, for... for throwing open the windows and letting in... letting in la vie en rose.

Sabrina (1954)
I've been wanting to do a French themed tea party for awhile, and I was so excited to have the chance to host last Saturday for a new Meetup tea party group I joined.  Tea is a wonderful way to make new friends or enjoy time with old, so please join me for An Afternoon Tea in Paris!

First a bit of mood music:

(As a side note, I heard La vie en rose played on the accordion while walking around Paris--it was such a lovely moment)

I see life in rosy hues ~La Vie en Rose, Edith Piaf

(also translated as I see life through rose colored glasses)


I had an variety of different settings in rosy hues on the table:

(Royal Albert's Lady Carlyle)

(French Limoges)

(French Limoges)

(Royal Albert's Cheeky Pink--one of my favorite sets)

(a Japanese set with pretty pink roses)

(Royal Albert's Lavender Rose)

(Paragon's Victoriana Rose)
Guests were greeted with a sparkling strawberry wine (because you have to serve wine at a French tea party) while we waited for stragglers. 

At each place setting above you can see a card with the Eiffel tower on the front, which served as the menu for the tea:
Starting with savories:

I really liked how the cucumber crème fromage (cream cheese) canapés turned out:

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture devoted to the quiche Lorraine and quiche Florentine I also served on little bread and butter plates. 

Next scones:


 and oranges and berries.

I had the most fun with the desserts for this tea, both just looking on the internet for ideas (so many beautiful and delicious things to choose from) as well as learning how to make them.

(This is the last set on the table that I didn't share earlier--Shelley's Stocks)
First, the madeleine's de commercy that I made with Julia Child's recipe,

and my crowning achievement--French macarons!

I have been wanting to make these for over a year, and finally worked up the courage!  I decided on strawberry flavored with just a hint of champagne.
Finally, here is a glimpse at the favors.  I collected tea bags while I was in France from the different hotels we stayed at and put one in each of the gift bags.  I also included a dark chocolate covered crepe purchased from Angelina's (a famous Parisian tea salon). 

Thanks so much for joining me!  I will be sharing recipes and other ideas from this tea all this week, including the recipe I finally got to work for me for the macarons, so please stop back by.  This tea party is linked at the below tea parties:

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  1. WOW!!!!!! You hosted an amazing tea - all your details (and the effort and pride andlove you put into it) really shine.

    Everything is so beautiful, and so delicious! Well done, ma'am!

    C'est magnifique!!!

  2. These are the prettiest cucumber canapes! I need to try them! Beautiful tea!

  3. Your tea party might just be the best one yet this year! Not that there is a contest, but it sure looks lovely and tasty. Kudos to you for attempting the macaroons. They came out perfectly! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. This is fabulous, Carrie! I love all your different china patterns and the macarons are so pretty. The scones look lovely too and the cucumber canapes are very pretty. Well done! What fun to sip tea at your table! Thanks for sharing and joining my little tea party. Have a wonderful week.


  5. Oh my goodness Carrie, your tea table is gorgeous! Wish I could be sitting there and serving myself from such gorgeous dishes. I'm pinning.

  6. Carrie:
    This is a fabulous presentation. The menu is over the top darling! I love your food choices and the use of mix and match!

  7. Carrie, I'd say your Paris Tea was a big success! What a gorgeous table! I love the use of different china sets. Your menu -- wow! Happy Tea Day!

  8. What a moveable feast! Wish I was part of your Meetup group so I could partake in your beautiful tea.

    I'm not going to lie: I've swiped the complimentary teabags from hotels. Hee!

  9. Oh my goodness, Carrie, what a fabulous feast you prepared for your Meetup group. I am so impressed with your tablescape and your food!!!! Oh, to be a guest at your lovely tea....ooh la la, indeed!

  10. Oh how lovely!!!! This would have been so delightful I'm sure.m I especially liked how you did your cucumber sandwiches, the floral shaped cucumbers are so pretty! Great idea, Thanks for sharing.

  11. Forgot to say, I love all your china :-)

  12. What a fabulous job! Perfect themed tea. I love all your pretty china, and aren't you brave making macarons! And they are perfect! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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