Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tea gifts 2015

I took these pictures right after Christmas to share this year's tea haul, but then didn't get around to posting until Christmas trees in this post too.  I finished putting away the last one today though, so my house is now tree free...except for the's amazing how those fake needles get EVERYWHERE.

I'll start with my new kitchen calendar...Teapots!

Next, the cool bag my aunt brought back from her trip to the Celestial Seasonings store/factory in Boulder, Colorado.
(I really wish they made a tin with the gingerbread design!)

(teapot mountain)

My new apron from my parents:

London!  Here is a close up of the pattern that has teapots and little teacups throughout.

They also got me a big box of 100(!) teabags.

Here are the four different types included:

And last, a very cool surprise ornament. 
I saw this when I was with my parents, but it was a bit more money then I wanted to spend.  My parents saw how much I liked it and went back and got it for me.
It's so cool...the front of the teapot has two cups of teas with teaspoons.

The back has tea sandwiches and mini Victorian sponge cake desserts.

All on a silver tray of course.

Now I feel like I especially need to give Downton Abbey a try.  I have an ornament! 


  1. Great gift for Christmas! I couldn't resist I want that Downtown Abbey :D

  2. Your tea-themed Christmas gifts are wonderful, Carrie! The whimsical designs of the Celestial Seasonings' bag made me smile and the British-themed apron is super cute! The attention to detail on the Downton Abbey tea tray ornament is amazing. Isn't it funny how some of our tea-themed ornaments cost more than our vintage teacups? Hee! You will LOVE Downton Abbey. The gorgeous teawares will make you swoon!

  3. Lucky are those who will receive these gifts. Nice tea-themed gift for Christmas. Can I have one? :)

  4. *cough cough* manatea *cough cough*

  5. Perfect Christmas gift for those tea lover.

  6. Ah, my son lives in Boulder. I must talk him into going to that factory. ;) Wonderful gifts, Carrie!


  7. Really wonderful Christmas gifts! I especially like your London apron. Such a great pattern! You definitely have to watch Downton Abbey. It's such an escape and treat. I'm so sad that this is the last season.


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