Monday, May 30, 2016

New Basement!

I meant to share this over the weekend, but better late than never!  I'll try and post this week's party tomorrow, but first I wanted to share my new finished basement.

First the large "rec room" area (i.e., where I had the Tour of Italy tea):

(By the way, the table is just a 6 foot folding plastic table.  With a long tablecloth, it isn't even that noticeable!)

My plan is to eventually put up a photo collage on a part of the wall for each country I've been too.  I'll have to do an update post when I'm done (or hold another basement tea!). 

As you can see, there are two doors to the left of the picture.  The door on the right is a bedroom/office:

(I know such exciting décor--two whole flower pots in the window!  The door in the corner is to the closet)

Next up we have the other door--the bathroom:

A closer picture of the glass tiles in the bathroom:

This bathroom is fancier than my master bath!

Finally, what is probably my favorite room, my storage closet room!

My Christmas and Halloween decorations are semi-organized!  There is room for some of my tea stuff too--I moved my tiered trays to their new home down here, so I also had the added bonus of organizing my kitchen cabinets to flow a bit better too! 

I even have room for more shelves! 

Just so you know, the floor isn't wood or laminate.  It is actually a vinyl flooring that I picked out because my parents have had some flooding problems in the past in their basement, and their vinyl floor always made clean up just a bit easier, so I thought vinyl would be a much safer option.  Doesn't it look like wood?  I am very happy with how it turned out.


  1. Very nice, Carrie! I love how your basement is so bright and airy. The neat freak in me is geeking out over your organized storage closet room. The vinyl flooring looks like real wood to me. You made the right call! I look forward to seeing more basement teas in the future.

  2. Your basement certainly doesn't look like a basement, with those nice windows and everything fresh and pretty. I love the glass tile stripe in the bathroom! And your storage room is wonderful. My kids just organized my basement storage area for me (a wonderful gift) with shelves and tubs - it is such an improvement! If it weren't so hard for me to go up and down stairs it would be even better, but I'm happy with what I have. And your vinyl flooring looks great. I hope your basement never has water in it, but sometimes that happens, and you'll be ready. I expect you will really enjoy this space and have many more teas there in the future.


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